Holiday Gift Guide PlasmaCar Review & Giveaway US & CA

 When looking for Christmas presents this year, I saw a review for the PlasmaCar and it immediately caught my interest. This, I thought, would be something our entire family would enjoy playing with and it's something the boys will not outgrow for quite a while. No batteries or electricity are needed to power the PlasmaCar. It's powered by the rider. Using your own body and movements to push the steering wheel back and forth propels the PlasmaCar forward! It's fun for kids and it's also a workout.
The PlasmaCar is not only quiet and provides hours of fun, but it's also inexpensive. It holds up to 220 pounds (100kg) and can reach up to 6mph. It's kid friendly, but something adults can also enjoy. I know we did!

My Thoughts

The PlasmaCar comes in five different colors: red, yellow, purple, blue and pink. We received the blue PlasmaCar and I was just as excited as the kids to get it out and start playing! The PlasmaCar is not recommended for linoleum or hardwood floors. Our floors are easily scratched, so we didn't even try it. We played with it on our carpeted area in the playroom, but it works much better on a flat, smooth area. We took it to the park and the boys (including my husband) had a blast.

There's no wonder at all why the PlasmaCar has won so many awards. It will quickly become a favorite toy and, for around $59.99, it's very affordable. For ages 3 years and up, a wide range of ages can enjoy this one. My youngest son is 2.5 years old and even figured out the PlasmaCar after a few minutes of trial and error. It is definitely kid-friendly and easy to figure out. It's simplicity is what makes the PlasmaCar so unique and fun!

Right now you can purchase the PlasmaCar for as low as $48.41 on Amazon.com! That's a great deal as I've never seen it so low before.
Ready for your chance to win your very own PlasmaCar?
Just use the Rafflecopter form below to enter! This giveaway can also be found on Happenings of the Harper Household and can only be entered once, so if you've entered there, you cannot enter here. 

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Thanks for entering! This giveaway will end on January 21st at 12:01AM and is open to US and Canada Residents!

Listerine Oral Care Challenge Post #2: Our Progress

As I mentioned previously, we are participating in the Listerine Oral Care Challenge with Mom Central and Listerine! What's the challenge? As a family, I knew we really needed to improve our oral care routine and, thanks to Listerine, we had a chance to do so. For two weeks, we were to brush our teeth and floss 2x daily.

Liam loves brushing his teeth, too!
We received a huge box of oral care goodies. There really was something for everyone. Josiah received a Reach Batman children's toothbrush and Batman themed Smart Rinse. Rylee received a Reach Barbie toothbrush and Barbie Smart Rinse!  Both the hubs and I received Cool Mint Listerine mouthwash and Listerine Total Care Zero, Reach Dental Floss and 2 adult Reach toothbrushes. I love receiving items we can actually use and, of course, the kids couldn't wait to try out their new products, too.

Josiah had never tried mouthwash before and I honestly didn't realize he was old enough yet! Regular toothpaste and mouthwash for adults is definitely too strong for kids and burns their mouth, but he loved the Smart Rinse. He felt like such a big boy being able to use mouthwash just like his Papa. This was reason enough for him to want to brush his teeth every single time. Rylee couldn't wait to give hers a try, too. She loves Barbies, so this was the perfect combo for her.

Listerine Oral Care Challenge Results

Before the challenge, we didn't really adhere to any type of schedule for brushing our teeth. I noticed how much a schedule has helped us remember to brush our teeth and it's also helped other parts of our day, too. Now the kids expect to brush their teeth right before bedtime and know, without a doubt, that there will be NO snacking after teeth are brushed. Also, having toothbrushes they like has encouraged the kids to brush, too. I never knew that could make a difference, but when you try to make brushing teeth more fun for kids, they respond better and see it as something fun rather than a chore.

My husband never had too much of an issue with brushing his teeth, but needed to floss more often. He really liked the Reach Dental Floss we received and, because it doesn't shred and taste strange, like he says other brands do, he has starting flossing much more often. As for myself, I started brushing in the mornings and at night with the kids instead of waiting until later... because, often times, I would forget to brush, especially at night. Brushing with them helps ensure that I will brush my teeth and that I also don't get in an extra unhealthy snack at night that I will inevitably be tempted to eat. Overall, this challenge has not only made for healthier teeth and gums, but healthier eating for us, too. I also love the Listerine Total Care Zero, which has no alcohol and is not as strong as other mouthwashes that often burn my mouth too much for me to stand. This one tastes great and doesn't burn!

Having the challenge opened up an opportunity for Josiah to ask questions about teeth and he definitely took advantage of this. He had a million questions about teeth, keeping them healthy, when they fall out, what he should do to take care of them. I was happy to answer these questions and think he understands more thoroughly why it's so important to brush every day, twice a day! We'll be much more adamant about brushing our teeth from now on thanks to the challenge. The kids are so proud of their toothbrushes and mouthwash that I know they will be happily sticking to the routine as well.

Did you participate in the Listerine Oral Care Challenge? Do you need to improve your oral care routine? Now's the time to do so! Listerine products can help you reach those goals as a family and keep a healthy oral care routine. Click here for a $1 off coupon for Smart Rinse!

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Listerine and received a sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.


Couponology Offers The Coupon Codes You Need For The Shops You Love

I enjoy buying gifts during the holidays for babies for my boys, but most of all I love buying clothing for them. It's so much fun when I find adorable outfits. My preschooler is growing so quickly that he has outgrown most of his clothing. He fit into 2T for 2 years and then, all of a sudden, he fits into a 4T. Talk about a growth spurt. I know it's not always what kids want, but my son actually told me he wants some new clothes for Christmas! Can you even imagine how excited I was?

I'm on a budget, but I've found the most amazing coupons this year. I love to shop for clothing and was so excited to find a Children's Place coupon code. With 20% off the entire online site, I am able to purchase so much more clothing for the boys. They have the cutest clothing, even themed for winter and special holiday celebrations. There is even a 65% off section where I found shoes for less than $10. I love the outfit ideas they have, too, like the one to the right. How cute!

There are so many amazing coupon codes available on Couponology that I really couldn't believe my eyes. Honestly, it is the most organized coupon site I've ever seen. I love that the coupons are divided into sections, such as Coupons By Store, Free Shipping Codes, Best Online Coupons, Printable Coupons and much, much more! I'm always looking for online shopping with free shipping and I finally found them through Couponology. Several websites offer free shipping with codes for the holidays and that, alone, can save you a great deal of money.

It's best to do your research before purchasing online. You never know when you might find some amazing coupon codes on Couponology. With the amazingly organized website, you'll be able to find the coupon codes and printables you need in no time. Good luck with your last-minute holiday shopping!


2nd.MD's Amazing Online Service: Receive the Medical Attention You Deserve #Clever2ndMD #spon

Thank you to 2nd.MD for providing me with a $200 stipend to test-drive this revolutionary online medical service.

I was lucky enough to work with Clever Girls on a review of the website 2nd.MD. It's a wonderful website offering people a chance to meet with specialists for doctor's appointments online! You don't have to travel across the country, pay for a babysitter or spend money on gas. It's just as simple as making an appointment and having a web camera.

About 2nd.MD
We will turn complexity to simplicity and frustration to ease. We will align the interests of doctors to those of the patient. We will mark our place in history for charting a new course in healthcare. We will know that we shook the very foundations of decades of tradition and bureaucracy that left patients and doctors so frustrated. Access, transparency, competition, care and expertise will forever be changed.
We are not a corporation. We are a cause. We want to be remembered for bringing ease, trust, and inspiration into healthcare. We are revolutionaries and we will not quit until mothers at home, rural families and the sick in bed can have effortless access to amazing doctors. We are a team of focused and diverse individuals. Our tools are not government, corporations, or large budgets but instead our weapons are creativity, purpose, and technology.

An amazing video about the inspiration behind 2nd.MD with the CEO and Founder, Clint Phillips.

My Thoughts
As many of you may know, we moved to a rural area this year, up in the north Georgia mountains. Trips to most doctors take at least an hour. Our youngest, Liam, has been diagnosed with NF1, a tumorous disorder that causes them to grow an multiply in the body, mostly in the brain. Our specialist in Atlanta is absolutely amazing, but we only get to meet with him once every 6 months or so. I haven't seen him in well over 6 months at this point and have a million questions about Liam's health and development.

2nd.MD's service is designed to help people like me, who can't always easily leave the home or travel long distances to see a doctor. This ingenious idea can really be the future of medical intervention and help people who would have otherwise been neglected or mistreated. I gave their service a try and was utterly blown away by the dedication of the staff to not only find a doctor suitable for Liam's needs, but to help me fix any issues I had ahead of time (computer issues, connections, etc.) so that the appointment would go smoothly.

We had an appointment with a well-known oncologist Dr. Daphne Haas-Kogan who has worked with children as well. I couldn't wait for our appointment! Ahead of time, I went through a set-up to make sure my laptop met all system requirements for the appointment. Since the appointment is through audio and visual, with earphones and a web camera. It turned out that I needed a newer version on Firefox, which I easily updated and then I was ready to go.
A screenshot of my system test!
The entire appointment was absolutely amazing. Dr. Haas-Kogan was extraordinarily helpful, caring and gave me the information I was seeking. My questions were answered and I feel much more educated about NF1 and my son's future. She gave me the encouragement I needed for this week, which marks time for his next MRI.
This is what the account looks like when you sign up. You can keep up with appointments, upload medical files and much more!
I am so thankful for 2nd.MD's amazing service and what they seek to do to help others, not as a corporation, but as a cause. With the vision and clarity they provide for the medical world, the future possibilities are endless! I highly recommend checking out their service. Are you unable to leave home for long amounts of time? Live in a rural area or have some other reasons that keep you from seeking the medical attention you deserve? Now's the time to make an appointment with a doctor who can help you, give the answers you need and maybe even save your life.

Thank you again to 2nd.MD for sponsoring this blog post. Please click here to learn more about 2nd.MD. I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective. All opinions are my own. #Clever2ndMD #spon

Next Day Flyers Offers Premium Brochure Printing At Great Prices

As a mom with a great deal of work on her hands, I need all the help I can get. I have several side projects I don't think I've mentioned lately, but one is my new Daily Deals Site, Canton Moms. It will be a part of Children Teaching Mama after the new year begins! I'm so excited about the site and so thankful we have already over 500 subscribers. This means it's time to focus on advertisement in our area of Georgia. For this, I need business cards and brochures!

I began looking at prices recently and was blown away by how much advertising costs these days! Brochure printing can be very expensive and how do you know if they are good quality? I wanted a company who is reputable and affordable, which is why I love Next Day Flyers. They have a variety of brochures available and can custom-make them to your liking. I, personally, like the 2 panel brochures for my business and think I can put just enough info to make them perfect. They also offer brochures with up to 4 panels for those needing more room for information.

In addition to choosing how many panels, you can choose the type of paper, a UV coating, and more. There are several shipping options as well, including same-day delivery! Now that's fast service! All you have to do is design your brochure exactly the way you'd want it, upload the image to the website and you are good to go. The 2 panel brochures are priced within our range and very affordable. Plus, I know they will be quality brochures and delivered quickly.

Does your business need some extra advertisement for the new year? Now's the time to get your brochures at Next Day Flyers. You will be more than satisfied with your purchase and you'll definitely get that extra advertisement your business deserves. I can't wait to start handing out mine.


Make #TysonGoodness Mini Chicken Sandwiches For Simply Delicious Snacks Your Family Will Love #CBias

My son had school today and, as usual, came home starving. I knew we'd have to eat a snack since it would be several hours before my husband returned from work. This was the perfect time to give Tyson Mini Chicken Sandwiches a try! If one kid eats, both of them have to, so it's perfect that the sandwiches are packaged in twos.

When at Walmart, we actually purchased everything we needed for a perfect lunch, small dinner or snack with the Tyson Mini Chicken Sandwiches. Since my husband is a huge chicken sandwich eater, I figured he would be more than happy to give these a try when he got home, too. At Walmart, they had 2 different types of the chicken sandwiches- with or without cheddar cheese. Since all of us in this house love our dairy, I sprung for the Minis with cheese! We had quite a shopping adventure at Walmart, which you can see more about on the CTM Google+ Photo Album!

I purchased Lay's BBQ Potato Chips to eat with the Tyson Mini Chicken Sandwiches. Those are Liam's favorites! Since the cheese was already on the sandwiches, I popped them into the microwave for less than 2 minutes, let them sit for a few minutes and they were ready for the boys to try. All of the directions are printed on each of the packages, which made things even easier. You just leave the sandwiches in the wrap, put them in the microwave and follow the directions. Simple!

Almost done!
Did Tyson Mini Chicken Sandwiches pass the taste test? Absolutely! Even my pick eater, Liam, gobbled his down without hesitation. Josiah did, too, and even asked to eat another one for lunch tomorrow. I was so happy to learn yet another quick and easy food the kids love. My husband also had nothing but good things to say about the mini sandwiches. Our entire family enjoyed eating them, but I think I got the most out of them-- an entire family fed for less than $6 and in only a few minutes. I also love how moist and fresh the sandwiches are. Since they are kept inside the packaging for cooking, the sandwich retains all of the moisture, so the bread is so soft and fluffy.
See the melted cheese? Delicious!
Like I said, with the holidays nearing, I have been so busy wrapping presents, sending Christmas cards and trying to get everything organized before the big day! I love for the kids to have a good breakfast, snack, lunch and dinner, but this has been tough and will be especially this week. Tyson has hit a home run with these Mini Chicken Sandwiches! Families will love how delicious they are and moms will especially love how quickly they are ready.

Are you ready to give Tyson Mini Chicken Sandwiches a try? Well, you will love the awesome deal going on at Walmart right now! Buy any 2 Tyson Mini Chicken Sandwiches and receive a $5 Walmart gift card!! Click HERE for all of the details. Unfortunately the Tyson Mini Chicken Sandwiches are not sold at all WalMart stores, so click HERE to locate one that carries them.
This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. All opinions written are completely my own. #CBias #TysonGoodness

Great Deals On Mega Bloks Today

My kids love playing with blocks, so I thought y'all might be interested in some of these awesome Mega Bloks deals I found on Amazon.com! There is still time to get delivery before Christmas, by the way.

Only $9.99 & Eligible for Free Shipping!!

$12.99 & Eligible for Free Shipping!

Only $7.99 $ Eligible for Free Shipping!

Santa Sack $400 Cash Giveaway Official Post Enter To Win!

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it, is like wrapping a gift and never giving it”
William Arthur Ward


Mertado.com Plush Blanket Review & Giveaway

How quickly the holidays are approaching and now Christmas will be here before you know it. Now's the time for all of our last-minute shopping and I guess it's time to let you in on a little secret. In case you haven't heard of Mertado.com, this is the place to do your shopping for a fraction of retail prices.

About Mertado
Mertado.com is an online social shopping site that sells top of the line home & kitchen products at up to 70% off. Membership is free.

Built on the Facebook social media platform, the Mertado site allows shoppers to recommend purchases, see what their friends are buying, and interact with their network while shopping for their favorite brands at deeply discounted prices. Mertado has tapped Food Network TV veteran Curtis Aikens to tape exclusive segments for Mertado TV -- a unique series of videos on the site that highlight recipes, tips, and tricks for using goods purchased on Mertado.com.
My Thoughts
I was lucky enough to receive one of Mertado's best-selling plush blankets, the Coral Springs Home Plush Blanket. Worth over $35, these amazingly soft blanket will keep you warm for all of the upcoming winter months. As soon as I showed this blanket to my husband, he stole it from me and has yet to give it up! We received a brown blanket, which matches our furniture perfectly, so we have it on our couch for snuggling since it gets cold at night here.

The Coral Springs Home Plush Blanket makes for a perfect holiday gift! Anyone would love to receive this blanket and I'm positive they won't be able to wait until the get home to snuggle underneath it.

Want to win one for yourself or a loved one? Thanks to Mertado.com, one lucky CTM reader will win a Mertado Coral Springs Home Plush Blanket!! 

Tom's Of Maine Silly Strawberry Kid's Toothpaste Review & Giveaway

I have had the most difficult time ever getting Josiah to brush his teeth. The problem isn't that he won't stand still to brush, but he doesn't like any of the toothpaste except the baby kind that can be swallowed. It's been frustrating for me and I've noticed his teeth looking a bit yellow. I've tried many toothpastes in the past, but none of past the test, which is why I was so anxious to try the Tom's of Maine Silly Strawberry Toothpaste.

I love Tom's of Maine products, so we participated in something called the "Silly Strawberry Swap" with other blogging parents. We switched out our children's toothpaste for the Silly Strawberry so we could see how it fared when compared to other toothpastes. I told Josiah we were going to try a new toothpaste and he was both excited and anxious due to past experiences.

During our first time brushing with Tom's of Maine Silly Strawberry Toothpaste he remarked,"Yum!!" and this is when I knew we had a shot at this one. I was immediately hopeful. Every time we brush, Josiah asks for his strawberry toothpaste and that's fine with me. I know he'll take the time to brush carefully and the way he should.


Holiday Gift Guide: Inkoos Review & Giveaway

I think all kids love stuffed animals. I, for one, had them all over my room as a child. Now, my two children have their own fair share of them. What else do children love? Art, of course! Kids love to color, so why not give them a stuffed animal on which kids can draw, design, and let their inner artist come out. With Inkoos, kids can do just this.

About Inkoos
From a funky little town called Inkwell, here come the Inkoos! Quirky characters with a taste for adventure, Inkoos are drawn to life with a little Inkspiration from a friend like you. With their amazing markers, you can draw, design and decorate them into anything you can imagine! When you're ready for something new, just send them home for a rinse and a spin and start all over again! Every inch of inkoos can be designed and decorated with their amazing washable markers! The included Inkspiration Wheel gives you tons of design ideas – like ballerina, pirate and rockstar to name a few. 

Each inkoos character includes the Inkspiration Wheel, plus 3 washable markers with a cool clip-on design so you can keep them handy for whenever Inkspiration strikes! If you can think it, you can ink it! Choose from 7 styles. Machine washable.

My Thoughts
We received the Blue Owl Inkoo and, although I tried to hide it for Christmas, the Inkoo caught my 4 year-old's attention immediately. "What is that thing, Mama?" Is it a monster? Is it a bear? No, it's an Inkoo! This cute little fellow is exactly what kids need. They can love on Inkoos, just like with other stuffed animals, but the really fun part is that they can draw on them... without getting in trouble. Even better, the three included markers are washable, so you can draw again and again on your Inkoo.
Isn't this adorable?!
Both of my boys absolutely love the Inkoo. We also received a smaller Inkoos White Mini Bear  with a blue marker and it stays in the car for long ride entertainment. Inkoos are so unique, they had to take their own to show off for Thanksgiving and all the other kids were captivated, too. Each child wanted their own chance to draw on it. I can't blame them. In fact, I took my own turn drawing on it, too.

For kids who love stuffed animals and/or art-time, this is the absolutely perfect holiday gift idea! Recommended for kids 4+, this is a present that won't be forgotten the day after Christmas. Inkoos will be around for a long time to come and something your kids will want to take to show-and-tell every time. Josiah couldn't wait to take his to school.
Inkoos retail for $19.99 and Mini Inkoos retail for $7.99!

Know a little artist who would love Inkoos? Thanks to The Bridge Direct, the creators of Inkoos, One Lucky CTM Reader Will Win One Inkoo & One Mini Inkoo!!!
This giveaway will end at 12:01AM on Monday, January 2nd!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck!


The LGDoublePlay Brings Social Networking To A New Level

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of LG DoublePlay™ for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I remember the first time I was introduced to text messaging and thought it was absolutely amazing, even on the small phones we had back then. Communicating with a phone became easier and faster. We started using texting instead of calling each other, which I loved! I used to send hundreds of texts per month and, even now I probably send at least one-hundred text a month to close friends and family.

There is one different between text messaging back when it first came into fruition and text messaging now. LG has an amazing phone that was created for easier text messaging. The LG DoublePlay™, available exclusively at T-Mobile, has a full side-out QWERTY keyboard and Swype for easy texting. In addition, it features dual customizable touch screens, which allows users to multi-task in ways you once couldn't even imagine! You can surf the web and keep Facebook open or text someone. The possibilities really are endless!

The LG DoublePlay features Android 2.3 (Gingerbread), so you can access all the fun games and other Apps. My son would love this feature since he loves playing all of the Android games. What else? It is the ultimate social networking phone! With a 5-megapixel camera and a built-in HD video recorder, you can send your own photos and videos or post them online.

As someone who could not live without text messaging, I love the CloudText and GroupText features, which allow chatting while on-the-go and more efficient sharing! Right now I do most of my social networking via my laptop, but when I get this phone, you better believe I'll be chatting, sending pictures, and making the most of all the features. 

How much time do you spend texting and social networking on your phone? Do you think the LG DoublePlay would have an effect on how much you do this? I know it would for me. Leave a comment telling me your answers!

Visit Sponsor's Site


Hand-Foot Reindeer Holiday Craft Idea

 I had never seen one of these until my now 17 year old brought one home from preschool. It’s a red nosed reindeer made from his two hands and his foot. It was so sweet I kept it on my fridge until the beginning of summer. I loved it so much that I made him one for the next Christmas. It was amazing just how much his foot grew in one year! When my now six year old was born I knew this was going to be a tradition. He was four months old when I made his first reindeer. It was so tiny! Each year I make another one for him. This year I can only imagine it will take up the entire refrigerator door!

Here is what you will need to make this easy craft:
  • red and green construction paper
  • wiggle eyes (if you don’t have these you can just draw the eyes)
  • glue or glue stick
  • clear contact paper (I wanted to preserve mine)
  1. Trace around both of your child’s hands on the red paper. Cut out.
  2. Trace her foot on the green paper. Cut out.
  3. Cut out a red circle for the nose.
  4. Turn the foot over and glue the hands to the toe section, thumbs touching, for the antlers. Make sure they stick up enough so all the fingers show.
  5. Flip it back over and glue the red nose to the very bottom of the heel section.
  6. Glue the wiggle eyes toward the top or draw them on toward the top. This makes the reindeer’s long face.
  7. Write your child’s name and age on the back and cover it with contact paper to preserve it.
Make a new one every year as long as your child will let you so you can see how much she grows. Just so you know, my 17 year old only has about four of these. Can you imagine how big his reindeer would be now?

Jennifer Murdock is a wonderful mom, wife and preschool teacher. Jennifer enjoys the holiday traditions she has made with her family and enjoys creating crafts with her little ones at school as well. Jennifer enjoys sharing her stories with mybabyclothes.com. Dress your little one in the cutest holiday baby clothes, tutus and baby headbands this season.

Holiday Travel In The UK

The holidays are coming up, which means being on the road once again and, for some of us, it's vacation time! A few years ago, I went on a vacation to the UK. We had a wonderful time, but it's one of those trips you want to plan carefully and thoroughly. There are so many amazing sites to see that you really don't want to miss anything. This is why you need to definitely plan for family car hire.

Before beginning your trip, think about where you want to go. Would you like to see Stonehenge or maybe Anne Hathaway's beautiful thatch-roofed cottage? Hiring a car is the best way to get around and make the most of your trip. When you have your own car, you don't have to be dependent on other services, can come and go as you please, and can travel around freely. This is especially helpful when traveling as a family!

While traveling around, be sure to stop by Stratford-Upon-Avon to see Shakespeare's birthplace as well as the beautiful Holy Trinity Church where he was baptized and buried. Don't forget to purchase tickets and take in a Shakespearean play at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre. We were fortunate enough to see A Midsummer Night's Dream while there, which was absolutely amazing.

Where will your family go for the holidays? Be sure to start planning now to help solidify plans and find great deals.


Sprint Holiday Limited Time Deals on Android™ Powered EVO 4G or EVO™ Shift Devices

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sprint for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I have heard many of my friends tell me they really want a new cell phone for Christmas. I know I've been dropping hints for the past month! Well, if the hints aren't doing the trick and you want a little more insurance that Santa may come through, you have to tell him about this deal. Sprint has great holiday deals on 2 of their popular Android™ powered EVO 4G devices.

Right now Sprint is offering two of their amazing 4G phones for FREE! Right now you can get the HTC EVO 4G or the EVO Shift completely free online with a purchase of a 2 year contract. The HTC Evo 4G is regularly $449 and the Evo Shift retails at $399. I have never seen such an amazing deal. I really don't see how anyone can pass up this deal, especially Santa!

What's more? You can receive free shipping and waived activation fees for new lines of service! You need to hurry to take advantage of this offering because December 14th is the last day for this wonderful sale. So, give those extra hints and if those aren't effective, get one for yourself. It is free, after all! Plus, it's the holiday season. Don't you deserve a little something for yourself after all that buying for everyone else?

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JCPenney's Shoppers In Panic Gift Guide Makes Last-Minute Purchases Stress-Free #jcplastminute

How many of you always end up waiting until the last minute to buy Christmas present? Every year it seems like I remember a few gifts I still need to purchase right before the big day. I remember going out last year to several stores for last minute gifts and it was awful! Not only were many of the products marked up, costing much more than usual, but even those items were sold out! It's a hectic trip and there is no way you can stay on a budget. Not to mention, the lines are so incredibly long! With that said, I have the perfect place for you to shop last minute this year!


JCPenney.com has us covered for all of our last minute shopping needs. They have some amazing deals and sales going on right now that can not only save you money, but ensure you get a great gift! You don't have to worry about long lines if you shop online at JCPenney.com. They have a great "Shoppers In Panic" gift guide with a variety of last minute gift items. Gifts start at only $19.99, so you can stay within your budget and still get some great gifts. I also found a gift I really want for myself and had never seen before! Its called a iHome stereo and is only $19.99. You can hook up your iPhone, iPod or iPad. This would be great for listening to audio books and music. It's so small you can even take it on the go! As for my mom, she is always getting lost when driving to our house and really needs a GPS system. JCPenney has a Garmin for only $149.99.


We Are Co-Hosting The Mexican Hass Avocado Importers Association #HolidayAvocado Twitter Party With Mom Central Tomorrow! 6 People Will Win #Win &50 Amazon Gift Cards!

Hi, everyone! I just wanted to let you know about a fun twitter party Children Teaching Mama is co-hosting tomorrow with Mom Central. Join us for a fun-filled Twitter Party with discussions about Holiday Traditions, Tips for Entertaining, and delicious recipes featuring avocados! Yummy!

FYI, 6 people will win $50 Amazon.com Gift Cards During the event AND look below for a way to pre-tweet (from now until the party begins) and WIN! 2 people will win $50 Amazon Gift Cards for the pre-tweets!

Here's all the info you need...

What: MHAIA #HolidayAvocado Twitter Party
When: Tuesday, December 13, 2011 from 3:00-4:00PM EST
Hashtag: #HolidayAvocado
Moderator: @MomCentral 

Special Guest: Famed chef and author (Truly Mexican) Roberto SantibaƱez will be tweeting from the @AmazingAvocado handle.
Assistant Moderators: @DadCentral,@MomCentralChat & @StacyDeBroff
Prizes: Six people will win a $50 Amazon gift code during the hour-long party. We'll also be giving away two $50 Amazon gift codes for tweeting before the party. 
Questions: Contact Matt Moretti at mmoretti@momcentral.com
TweetGrid: http://bit.ly/sFoc5M

Pre-tweet to Win!
Anyone who tweets this from now until the MHAIA #HolidayAvocado Twitter Party will be eligible to win one of two $50 Amazon gift codes before the party starts. 

About the party:
From discussing favorite holiday recipes and memories to adding twists to traditional holiday meals, famed chef and author (Truly Mexican) Roberto SantibaƱez wants to inspire new ideas for holiday meals. Roberto's essential ingredient for holiday recipes is avocado. They are so versatile and can be added to most dishes. You can find avocados from Mexico in your grocery stores now. For more delicious recipes and holiday cooking ideas, visit TheAmazingAvocado.com

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GameStop Puts Some Jingle In You Pocket This Holiday Season $50 Gift Card Giveaway

I'm always posting about ways to save this holiday season and now GameStop has thought up an amazing way to help put some "Jingle in Your Pocket"! Their new program allows you to trade in your iPods, iPhones and iPads for some extra jingle (ahem, money) in your pocket. I know we all have extra electronics lying around that aren't used like they once were. I know I have an older iPod that could be traded. You can be paid up to $70 for an iPod trade. How great is that, especially during the holidays when cash is most needed?

  • Bring in your old iPod, iPhone and iPad to GameStop and put some more jingle in your pocket this holiday!
  • No packing, shipping or hassle - a store associate will tell you the value of your trade items and give you cash or store credit on the spot.
 Current Trade Values:
Get store credit or cash for your old iPod, iPhone or iPad:
  • iPod Nano – Up to $70
  • iPod – Up to $150  
  • iPhone – Up to $180  
  • iPad – Up to $300


Botanical Paperworks Review & Giveaway

Botanical Paperworks combines two of my very favorite things: stationary and eco-friendly products. Their products are, however, unlike any others I've come across. The unique stationary is made of plantable paper! That's right, when you finish a notebook or send a card, both don't have to be thrown away, they can be planted. Isn't that amazing?

From Personalized Holiday Cards to Plantable Journals, Botanical Paperworks has a huge variety of products for your stationary needs. Still need to order your holiday cards? Have some last minute holiday gifts to purchase? Not only can you find great cards and gifts, but from now through Wednesday, December 14th, you will receive FREE Shipping on all orders!! Now's the time to stock up on stationary!

Last year I received the Season's Greeting holiday cards to review, which has a removable Christmas tree that can be planted! They were a complete hit with our friends and family. Everyone was asking about them. This year, I will be receiving the Holly Berry Plantable Gift Tags, which are so beautiful. I usually just use the cheap sticker kind, but these are so ornate and lovely that they really add to the gift wrapping!

In addition, I am receiving one of the NEW Coil-Bound Plantable Journals, which I can't wait to get and start writing. I always keep a journal to chronicle what the boys have been up to and prefer coil-bound journals. They are so much easier to write in one-handed and stay put on the correct page. Plus, they come in several different designs!

As you can tell, we love Botanical Paperworks! I've purchased items from them as birthday gifts and think they make unique and special holiday gifts, too. So, are you ready for your chance to win some great plantable prizes?

Thanks to Botanical Paperworks, One Lucky CTM Reader Will Receive a Coil-Bound Plantable Eco Calendar AND a $25 Gift Credit!!! 
Just use the Rafflecopter form below to enter. If you have any issues with it, just refresh the page. If that doesn't work, please email me and we'll get it fixed. This giveaway ends on December 26th at 12:01AM!

Good Luck!!