Listerine Oral Care Challenge Post #2: Our Progress

As I mentioned previously, we are participating in the Listerine Oral Care Challenge with Mom Central and Listerine! What's the challenge? As a family, I knew we really needed to improve our oral care routine and, thanks to Listerine, we had a chance to do so. For two weeks, we were to brush our teeth and floss 2x daily.

Liam loves brushing his teeth, too!
We received a huge box of oral care goodies. There really was something for everyone. Josiah received a Reach Batman children's toothbrush and Batman themed Smart Rinse. Rylee received a Reach Barbie toothbrush and Barbie Smart Rinse!  Both the hubs and I received Cool Mint Listerine mouthwash and Listerine Total Care Zero, Reach Dental Floss and 2 adult Reach toothbrushes. I love receiving items we can actually use and, of course, the kids couldn't wait to try out their new products, too.

Josiah had never tried mouthwash before and I honestly didn't realize he was old enough yet! Regular toothpaste and mouthwash for adults is definitely too strong for kids and burns their mouth, but he loved the Smart Rinse. He felt like such a big boy being able to use mouthwash just like his Papa. This was reason enough for him to want to brush his teeth every single time. Rylee couldn't wait to give hers a try, too. She loves Barbies, so this was the perfect combo for her.

Listerine Oral Care Challenge Results

Before the challenge, we didn't really adhere to any type of schedule for brushing our teeth. I noticed how much a schedule has helped us remember to brush our teeth and it's also helped other parts of our day, too. Now the kids expect to brush their teeth right before bedtime and know, without a doubt, that there will be NO snacking after teeth are brushed. Also, having toothbrushes they like has encouraged the kids to brush, too. I never knew that could make a difference, but when you try to make brushing teeth more fun for kids, they respond better and see it as something fun rather than a chore.

My husband never had too much of an issue with brushing his teeth, but needed to floss more often. He really liked the Reach Dental Floss we received and, because it doesn't shred and taste strange, like he says other brands do, he has starting flossing much more often. As for myself, I started brushing in the mornings and at night with the kids instead of waiting until later... because, often times, I would forget to brush, especially at night. Brushing with them helps ensure that I will brush my teeth and that I also don't get in an extra unhealthy snack at night that I will inevitably be tempted to eat. Overall, this challenge has not only made for healthier teeth and gums, but healthier eating for us, too. I also love the Listerine Total Care Zero, which has no alcohol and is not as strong as other mouthwashes that often burn my mouth too much for me to stand. This one tastes great and doesn't burn!

Having the challenge opened up an opportunity for Josiah to ask questions about teeth and he definitely took advantage of this. He had a million questions about teeth, keeping them healthy, when they fall out, what he should do to take care of them. I was happy to answer these questions and think he understands more thoroughly why it's so important to brush every day, twice a day! We'll be much more adamant about brushing our teeth from now on thanks to the challenge. The kids are so proud of their toothbrushes and mouthwash that I know they will be happily sticking to the routine as well.

Did you participate in the Listerine Oral Care Challenge? Do you need to improve your oral care routine? Now's the time to do so! Listerine products can help you reach those goals as a family and keep a healthy oral care routine. Click here for a $1 off coupon for Smart Rinse!

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Listerine and received a sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.


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