2nd.MD's Amazing Online Service: Receive the Medical Attention You Deserve #Clever2ndMD #spon

Thank you to 2nd.MD for providing me with a $200 stipend to test-drive this revolutionary online medical service.

I was lucky enough to work with Clever Girls on a review of the website 2nd.MD. It's a wonderful website offering people a chance to meet with specialists for doctor's appointments online! You don't have to travel across the country, pay for a babysitter or spend money on gas. It's just as simple as making an appointment and having a web camera.

About 2nd.MD
We will turn complexity to simplicity and frustration to ease. We will align the interests of doctors to those of the patient. We will mark our place in history for charting a new course in healthcare. We will know that we shook the very foundations of decades of tradition and bureaucracy that left patients and doctors so frustrated. Access, transparency, competition, care and expertise will forever be changed.
We are not a corporation. We are a cause. We want to be remembered for bringing ease, trust, and inspiration into healthcare. We are revolutionaries and we will not quit until mothers at home, rural families and the sick in bed can have effortless access to amazing doctors. We are a team of focused and diverse individuals. Our tools are not government, corporations, or large budgets but instead our weapons are creativity, purpose, and technology.

An amazing video about the inspiration behind 2nd.MD with the CEO and Founder, Clint Phillips.

My Thoughts
As many of you may know, we moved to a rural area this year, up in the north Georgia mountains. Trips to most doctors take at least an hour. Our youngest, Liam, has been diagnosed with NF1, a tumorous disorder that causes them to grow an multiply in the body, mostly in the brain. Our specialist in Atlanta is absolutely amazing, but we only get to meet with him once every 6 months or so. I haven't seen him in well over 6 months at this point and have a million questions about Liam's health and development.

2nd.MD's service is designed to help people like me, who can't always easily leave the home or travel long distances to see a doctor. This ingenious idea can really be the future of medical intervention and help people who would have otherwise been neglected or mistreated. I gave their service a try and was utterly blown away by the dedication of the staff to not only find a doctor suitable for Liam's needs, but to help me fix any issues I had ahead of time (computer issues, connections, etc.) so that the appointment would go smoothly.

We had an appointment with a well-known oncologist Dr. Daphne Haas-Kogan who has worked with children as well. I couldn't wait for our appointment! Ahead of time, I went through a set-up to make sure my laptop met all system requirements for the appointment. Since the appointment is through audio and visual, with earphones and a web camera. It turned out that I needed a newer version on Firefox, which I easily updated and then I was ready to go.
A screenshot of my system test!
The entire appointment was absolutely amazing. Dr. Haas-Kogan was extraordinarily helpful, caring and gave me the information I was seeking. My questions were answered and I feel much more educated about NF1 and my son's future. She gave me the encouragement I needed for this week, which marks time for his next MRI.
This is what the account looks like when you sign up. You can keep up with appointments, upload medical files and much more!
I am so thankful for 2nd.MD's amazing service and what they seek to do to help others, not as a corporation, but as a cause. With the vision and clarity they provide for the medical world, the future possibilities are endless! I highly recommend checking out their service. Are you unable to leave home for long amounts of time? Live in a rural area or have some other reasons that keep you from seeking the medical attention you deserve? Now's the time to make an appointment with a doctor who can help you, give the answers you need and maybe even save your life.

Thank you again to 2nd.MD for sponsoring this blog post. Please click here to learn more about 2nd.MD. I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective. All opinions are my own. #Clever2ndMD #spon


The Freebie Junkie said...

Great for second opinions or just if you can't leave the house

Mama Chocolate said...

This sounds amazing! I would love this! We live out in the boonies too, and almost 2 hours from a major city where all specialists seem to be located.
What a cool service!

Danielle @ "We Have It All" said...

WOW, I had no idea something like this even existed!! So glad to have read this, thanks!

Mama on a Green Mission said...

Amazing service! Technology is great, isn't it? Wonderful that you can ease your mind and meet with a specialist in the comfort of your home, especially for those that live far away! :)

Laura Grace Andry said...

This is amazing. I had never heard of this before and think it is an ingenious and innovative idea. Being able to get a consultation with a doctor via webcam saves time and money for the everyday American at home, but also for the doctors and medical practices participating in this program. Smart! Thanks for sharing.

Terri's Little Haven said...

Oh wow I never knew anything such as this existed. Thanks for sharing. This just might come in handy one day.

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