Holiday Gift Guide: Build A Dream Playhouses Review & Giveaway

There are three different things I look for when purchasing new toys for my kids. 1. They are educational. 2. They encourage creativity. 3. They are eco-friendly. I'm happy when I find one for the kids that meets one or two of the rules, but I know I've found a really good one when they meet all three. Build a Dream Playhouses hits all three of the rules and, just by looking at their website, I knew this was something the kids would spend hours playing with.

About Build A Dream
The cardboard box has been an outlet for children’s creativity for years. We have yet to find an adult that cannot recollect a childhood memory of playing in a box. From traveling through time, to flying through space, to sailing the open seas, a child’s imagination allows a cardboard box to transcend all that is material. THAT is the essence of Build a Dream Playhouses.™ We believe that imaginative play is absolutely critical to the developing minds of children. That is why we created a line of products centered on creativity and imagination. We supply the blank canvas for children to paint their dreams. In addition to the commitment that we have to our valued customers, we also feel that as a company we have a commitment to our environment. Our products are manufactured from 80% recycled materials that result in an end product that is 100% recyclable. Our distribution center is located only 38 miles away from our manufacturer, which drastically reduces the fuel consumption required to ship our products.

My Thoughts
When Josiah was younger, I bought him a cardboard playhouse and he loved it. The problem was that it was very cheaply made and fell apart soon after we put it together. He barely got the front of it colored before the roof caved in. He was so sad. We received the Dream Machine from Build a Deam Playhouses and as soon as I took it out of the package, I could immediately tell it was made of much thicker, more durable cardboard. This was something I knew would last!

The Dream Machine has been great for the cold rainy days this fall! I have been very thankful for this car as it has entertained both kids for hours. They have enjoyed coloring it and taking car trips across the world. Imaginations have definitely expanded from delivering pizzas to visiting distant lands. My two year-old waves good-bye as my 4 year-old takes the wheel for a drive to the mountains. They spot cows and goats (Liam's favorites) along the way and then stop at Grandma's for dinner. It's really amazing to hear what they come up with each time. The possibilities really are endless.

Build-A-Dream has several different playhouses available, including a Pop N' Play Castle, Cosmic Cruiser (spaceship), a Imagine Wagon (ice-cream truck), and much more. Josiah is dying to get the Imagine Wagon, so I have a feeling that will be purchased in the near future. Who out there knows some kids who would love to have one of the playhouses?

Thanks to Build A Dream Playhouses, One Lucky CTM Reader Will Win Their Choice of Either The Cosmic Cruiser OR the Dream Machine! Just use the Rafflecopter form below to enter! The giveaway ends on December 19th at 12:01am.

Good Luck!


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Nice giveaway. How long would it take to build those playhouse anyway.

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