Next Day Flyers Offers Premium Brochure Printing At Great Prices

As a mom with a great deal of work on her hands, I need all the help I can get. I have several side projects I don't think I've mentioned lately, but one is my new Daily Deals Site, Canton Moms. It will be a part of Children Teaching Mama after the new year begins! I'm so excited about the site and so thankful we have already over 500 subscribers. This means it's time to focus on advertisement in our area of Georgia. For this, I need business cards and brochures!

I began looking at prices recently and was blown away by how much advertising costs these days! Brochure printing can be very expensive and how do you know if they are good quality? I wanted a company who is reputable and affordable, which is why I love Next Day Flyers. They have a variety of brochures available and can custom-make them to your liking. I, personally, like the 2 panel brochures for my business and think I can put just enough info to make them perfect. They also offer brochures with up to 4 panels for those needing more room for information.

In addition to choosing how many panels, you can choose the type of paper, a UV coating, and more. There are several shipping options as well, including same-day delivery! Now that's fast service! All you have to do is design your brochure exactly the way you'd want it, upload the image to the website and you are good to go. The 2 panel brochures are priced within our range and very affordable. Plus, I know they will be quality brochures and delivered quickly.

Does your business need some extra advertisement for the new year? Now's the time to get your brochures at Next Day Flyers. You will be more than satisfied with your purchase and you'll definitely get that extra advertisement your business deserves. I can't wait to start handing out mine.


Terri's Little Haven said...

I've been thinking a lot about advertising as well. I ordered some new calendars with my website on them last month. I will have to check our the next day fliers offers and see what they have.
Good luck with the new adventures!!

press chimp said...

Great post...thanks for the reminder to blog about the everyday things that people want to read. As a real estate agent, I too struggle with what to blog about. Thanks!

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