Totsy Deal: Baby BeeHinds Cloth Diapers Blowout Sale

Totsy is definitely my go-to daily deals site. I love all their fun deals for moms and kids. I was so excited when I looked tonight and saw a Baby BeeHinds Cloth Diapers sale! I'm not just talking about a few diapers, but a variety of diapers, sizes, and colors! From organic bamboo and hemp fitteds to PUL and wool diaper covers, there are some awesome diapers to be purchase and it amazing prices. A wool diaper cover is usually over $23, but you can get them for only $14.95. The diaper covers are only $7.80! I inherited a few Baby BeeHinds covers and think they are comparable to Bum Genius (in my opinion). They fit true to size and work very well! These are definitely worth a purchase.

Plus, if you are a new Totsy customer, you can score free shipping with your first order! Click here to get started!


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