Medela MommyParties Event & Fun

I was lucky enough to be chosen by Medela to throw an awesome MommyParties event on August 20th at our house. I received some awesome prizes along with gifts for all the Mommy guests and we had an absolute blast! Medela is the brand we've always used and trusted for our breastfeeding needs and we love them, so I couldn't wait to share all the great products and info with my friends and family members.

Some of my friends have babies and my sister-in-law is almost due, which is why the event was also a baby shower. Some of the ladies breastfeed and others were interested in learning more about it. Let me just say, this was right up my alley since I am all about breastfeeding! We ended up having about 17 guests in all, including moms, moms-to-be, and even some grandmamas.
The huge package of goodies we received before the party included: 
We had so awesome prizes, as you can tell!! All the prizes together were valued at over $350!!! Wow! As you can tell, all the mommies were very excited to have a chance to win.

We had our entire families there and all the men got to go out in the yard and play with the kids.  :) Yes, we put those guys to work while we got to play (and stay cool) inside! We did share some of the goodies with them, though. There were lots of presents and delicious foods and we took time telling our own baby stories and breastfeeding experiences. It's so nice to hear others talk about their own stories, some of which were similar to my own.

Jessica, the one who's due in only 3 weeks, ended up being the winner of the prize package and was so excited! She didn't get to BF with her first, but really wanted to give it a try this time. I am so excited for her and you won't believe how excited she was. I'm just glad she didn't go into labor right then and there, though she probably wouldn't have minded. lol! She's at that stage where she feels like she could pop any second.

Some of the ladies playing baby shower games!
Everyone had such a great time and I think we all learned something! Thanks Medela for providing us with some wonderful samples to pass out and an amazing prize package. The winner says to tell you thanks so very much. This was, by far, the best party I've ever thrown and all the ladies had a blast.


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