Back to School With Tiny Prints - Josiah's First Day of School

My sister-in-law and her husband are both teachers, so each year, I know when school's about to start. For some reason, it's always exciting to me, especially because of all the Back to School Sales around town., but this year was different. This August was even more exciting for me because my oldest son, Josiah started preschool. I was still in denial up until his first day of school, but, yes, my little boy is growing up!

We bought some new clothes, some markers and color pencils with a pencil case just for good measure. Then, the day before school I realized he didn't have a backpack, so we went back to the store for him to pick out his own backpack. He picked out a Star Wars bag, which is so funny since he's never even seen it. :) His cousin loves Star Wars, which is, I guess, reason enough for him to love it, too!

I was very worried about his first day of school for a few reasons. First and foremost, I was afraid I'd break down and bawl when he got out of the car and walked into the classroom. Secondly, I was worried we wouldn't even make it out the door before he broke down and refused to go. The week before, he told me he was not going and cried every time I told him school was about to start, but by August 10th, he'd pretty much resigned himself to the fact that he was going.

I begged my husband to take him to school on his first day because I was already on the verge of tears, but he wouldn't give in. He said I had to face my fears and let the little stinker grow up. Deep breath. Okay, I can do this.

Picture #1 of the "Eyes Shut" Series
Siah looked so grown up in his new "Crockers" (what he calls his Crocs), his new outfit, and his book bag. He proudly posed as I snapped some pictures, each of which resulted in a closed-eye Siah. I swear, he's just like his Papa! We loaded up the car, along with little brother and headed to his first day at Montessori! When we pulled up, we had to wait for the teacher to come get him and he was about to explode from excitement. She came to get him, lifted him down from his seat, and put on his backpack. He had a uneasy look on his face as he walked into the front doors of school, so I wasn't sure what would happen...

Until I went to get him at noon and he was already telling me he wants to stay a full day and eat lunch with his friends. LOL! Yes, indeed, he absolutely loved his first day of school and couldn't wait to go back! Phew, what a relief. The next day he wasn't so excited, but since then, he's been ready to go each morning. He talks about his friends every day and describes all of their adventures and projects. It's so much fun to hear about his time at school.

Are your children ready to go back to school? Have they started? Well, Tiny Prints has a great selection of Back to School products you should check out! I really recommend getting day planners for older kids to help them keep up with the millions of things going on in their lives. For the younger kids, the address and name labels are a must! I have them on everything Josiah owns. The lunch box notes are a cute touch, too. I remember my mom putting them in my lunchbox.

This post was written for Tiny Prints in conjunction with Global Influence. This is a paid post, but all opinions expressed are completely accurate and honest.


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