Gevalia Coffee 1853 Heritage Blend Review & Giveaway

Ever since I tried Gevalia coffee, I have been hooked, so I couldn't wait to try a new blend! 1853 Heritage Blend is a delicious coffee only available in limited quantities, which means you have to act fast when it becomes available because it will not last long at all. Speaking of which, it is completely sold out at the moment!

About 1853 Heritage Blend

Blended for a near-perfect balance of full body, rich flavor and fine acidity, 1853 Heritage Blend is a medium-roast coffee that's not too dark - not too light. 

It all started with too much of a good thing. Our founder, Victor Theodor Engwall, set out to procure the world's best coffee beans to sell at his small trading company. And as trade ships pulled into his port town, bearing coffees from across the globe, Victor had his pick of the best. 

A true pioneer, Victor wanted to explore and appreciate coffee in all its flavors and aromas. A century and a half later, we'd like to honor that passion by introducing our newest cofee, 1853 Heritage Blend. And we want you to be among the first to try it.

My Thoughts
I am, indeed, very picky about my coffee. It has to be just right- not too dark and strong, but not too light and watery. I've gotten to the point where I rarely order coffee at restaurants and drive-thrus because their hardly ever get it right. You order 2 sugars and they load the coffee with cream and 5 sugars or no sugar at all. Blech!
The 1853 Heritage Blend was absolutely delicious. Medium-bodied coffee is my favorite and this one has a great flavor to it. I've already used all of it and am waiting to purchase more! I liked it so much that I made 2 pots of coffee one day... and I'm the only one that drinks coffee at our house. Can you imagine me on 2 pots of coffee?! That's pretty much me in that picture.. --->

What I love about this coffee is that you don't have to be a coffee connoisseur to enjoy it. Those who drink gourmet blends will be just as impressed as those who buy whatever is on sale. Plus, it really did perk me up without having to drink 3 cups of coffee, though I drank that many anyway. Oh, and it came in this decorative tin that is would be perfect to reuse as a piggy bank for the kids, as a decoration around the house or to use as a box for gifts!

So, without further ado, thanks to Gevalia, one lucky Children Teaching Mama reader will have a chance to try the 1853 Heritage Blend!

This review was made possible by Gevalia. No compensation was given other than the coffee received for review purposes. All opinions written are 100% honest.


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