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Staying organized is the biggest issue I have. I wasn't very organized before I had kids and now that I have two, it's necessary, but much more difficult. How many of you have received phone calls from your Dr. informing you of missed appointments? That's the worst! I'm also very bad at remembering birthdays and even my own anniversary, but I just didn't know how to get organized!

I can't even fathom how parents with more kids and/or older kids keep up with everything. Kids are involved in so many activities, sports, and clubs these days that it can be very frustrating and near impossible to keep up with it all without some kind of help. That's where AboutOne comes in to help make life much, much easier!

AboutOne is a convenient digital filing system and more, which allows you to quickly and easily store, manage, and retrieve family memories and household information online. It's so easy, you can even store information and pictures from your phone. In addition, it's safe and secure, so you don't have to worry about someone getting into your info.
What kinds of things can you store? You can store anything from daily activities and future schedules on a calendar to medical history along with current Dr. contact info and creating memory books from what you've written and kept up with so far! It's an amazing website that allows you to keep up with your family, preserve memories, and continue making it to future appointments, field trips, and activities on time.

My Thoughts

With all the different things AboutOne does, I expected it to be a bit complicated, but it wasn't at all. There are big buttons at the top to click categories and, from there, you can click on what you want to input, from Dr.'s appointments, current medications, and more. With Josiah in school now, I've already gotten several lists of dates to keep up with. We already have 4 scheduled field trips, a fall festival, and a snack week I am in charge of. LOL! I never knew preschool could get so complicated. Not only do I need to make plans for those days, but I need to find a babysitter to keep Liam.
Our family bulletin board!

Speaking of babysitters, you can even print out info to your babysitter so they can keep up with schedules, medications, current health issues, etc. That way they have current phone numbers and valuable info all in one place to reference. This would also be great when your children are starting school or even a new daycare.

With moving, school, and all the mail we receive (and bills), how to declutter is a constant topic of discussion for our family. With AboutOne, you are able to store all the info you need online, so there is no need to keep drawers and folders full of papers. If you need, you can easily print out information from your account.

Liam has many medical issues with his Neurofibromatosis and it's hard to keep up with the appointments. I've already put in his future doctor's appointments, check-ups, and even phone numbers for the doctors so I don't have to find them online them every single time. This will not only keep me organized, but save time, too.

I'm very happy to tell my readers that you can also check out AboutOne.com for free! You can try out the entire website for 17 logins without having to pay a penny. If you are pleased, you can purchase a year for only $30! What a deal for what all is included in this program. I feel like I haven't even scratched the surface with all the things I can do.

Ready to win some cash? AboutOne.com is giving one lucky person a $500 AMEX gift card and a $250 donation to the school of their choice! Plus, you get a free year subscription to AboutOne.com to stay organized. What an awesome prize!

How To Enter

This giveaway ends September 9th at 11:59 p.m. ET and is open to U.S. residents age 18 or older.

This post was written for AboutOne.com in conjunction with Global Influence. This was a paid post, though all opinions are honest and truthful. 


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