Bath Time Safety - A Tale Of Precaution & Safety Tips

I've always known it's very important to stay with children while in the bathtub and I'm sure you've heard it a million times, too, right? You've heard the horror stories and know what "could happen", but how many of you have strayed briefly out of sight of the bathtub, went to grab a towel or some clothes for the kids? It was only for a second and all was well when you returned a few seconds or a minute later. After a while, you get more comfortable with bathtime and don't really think about it as much. You know you are supposed to stay right there, but where's that lotion? Shoot, it's in the other room, be right back. Am I right?

Last night I had the most terrifying experience. Liam actually fell backwards in the tub and couldn't get up. He starting kicking and was as scared as I was. Of course, I quickly scooped him up and saved the day, but what if I hadn't been there? What if I'd been getting some clothes or a towel? It was enough to make me realize just how important bath time safety really is!

Here are some tips to keeping bath time fun & safe!

1. Keep bathroom door closed/locked until bath time! I don't know what it is about the bathroom, but the kids are always trying to get in there to play. I always keep ours closed with a kid lock on the outside. For the older kids who actually use the potty, they use the one upstairs. Otherwise, Liam ends up playing in the toilet (YUCK!) or trying to get into the bathtub. Also, lock cabinets, especially those with cleaning solutions, razors, etc. Kids love playing in cabinets. Here's a link to an awesome toilet seat lock that has helped us keep Liam out of the potty, thank goodness.

2. Use a Faucet Cover! I don't know how many times Liam has bumped his head on the faucet while taking a bath. That's why we bought a faucet cover. Now he can bump all he wants and it won't hurt at all. Plus, the faucet covers I've seen are so cute. Here's a link to a great cover I found on Amazon.com and have seen available at Target, too: Munchkin Fire Ducky Spout Guard($12.24).

3. Check Water Temperature! Many families choose to set their hot water thermostat lower than usual. You can also purchase a water temperature duck/animal. Just place the duck in the water and it will say "HOT" on the bottom if it's too hot. Be sure to always, always check the water before putting children in. Here's a link to the duck I found (to the left) that tells you the actual water temperature.

4. Wash Bath Toys Every 1-2 Weeks. With all the moisture around the bathtub, toys are a breeding ground for bacteria and mildew. Nasty! Many toys are dishwasher safe, so just pop them in the sterilize every 1-2 weeks. If you notice mildew already forming on a toy, trash it. Those with holes like squirt toys, are very likely to mildew. I've had this happen many times.

5. Never, Every Leave Kids Unattended! As I stated above, it's very important to never leave children under the age of 6 unattended in the bathtub. You may think they are okay if they are able to sit upright unassisted and even able to wash themselves, but this is not always the case. Accidents do happen and you need to be right there to assist.


Erika said...

You're absolutely right! The same thing you described with Liam sliding backwards and being unable to get up happened to my 2 year old a couple nights ago too. Like you, I quickly grabbed him and he was fine, but I was reminded of how careful we need to be with our children!
Thanks for the great post!
Have a great week!
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