We Took the AvoDerm All-Natural Pet Food Challenge & You Should, Too!

I received AvoDerm products for the purpose of this review. This post was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own. 
I love my cats and talk to them like they are my little babies. In fact, my Mama cat just had her babies about 3 months ago and the kittens are absolutely adorable. Now that they are weened from their mama's milk, they are eating real cat food like no tomorrow. I've been feeding them AvoDerm Natural cat food, which is an amazing quality food for our kitties. I only want the best for them so they grow up healthy and strong. It just so happens that AvoDerm contains high quality meat proteins, are rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids from natural avocados and provides pets with a healthy balanced meal!
We are participating in the AvoDerm Challenge and invite you to do so also! AvoDerm has dog and cat foods, so if you have a dog or cat, register for the challenge to receive a $5 coupon. What is the AvoDerm Challenge? You take the challenge by feeding your pet AvoDerm food to see a softer, shinier coat in only 6 weeks time... guaranteed! So, you get a $5 off coupon for your AvoDerm purchase, your pet gets delicious, all-natural food and they become healthier. It's really win-win!  Also, when you register for the challenge, you can also enter AvoDerm's Sweepstakes for a chance to win a year's supply of AvoDerm.
Scaredy Cat & Doodle eating their lunch!
I received two bags of Salmon & Brown Rice AvoDerm Cat Food and immediately started feeding it to Tiger Kitty, Moo-Moo Mama Cat and her babies. They've been eating it for almost two weeks now and absolutely love the food. All of them come running as soon as the hear me pouring food, which is really a new occurrence and it makes me feel like we made the right choice by switching to AvoDerm. I love having a natural cat food for my babies and they seem to enjoy it as well. As for their coat, they are super soft and fluffy kitties, but the coats definitely look shinier since eating AvoDerm. I can't wait to see what it looks like after 6 weeks!

If you have pets, give the AvoDerm Challenge a try and let me know what you (and your pets) thought about it! We'd love to hear about other experiences! Also, be sure to follow AvoDerm via Facebook and Twitter to keep up with all the latest info.

I received AvoDerm products for the purpose of this review. This post was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own. 


Sandy VanHoey said...

We have 2 cats and a spoiled pomeranian so this is worth checking out. Thanks for the info

Robin Wilson said...

Couldn't be better timing. I just rescued two feral kittens and I want to feed them the best I can. If they carry this at PetSmart I will pick up some today. Taking them to the vet for a checkup and after I bring them back home I will go check! Sounds perfect.

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