5 Great Ways To Spend Your Lunchtime

When I was younger, there was one time during school that I looked forward to every single day... lunchtime! The definition of lunchtime was simple and meant it was our free time to interact with friends, eat lunch and just relax. Now that I'm older, the meaning of lunchtime has completely changed. At work, we take turns going to lunch, so my hour has become a quiet "me" time and one I still look forward to each day, but I've found some other ways to fill my time. Here are five great ways to make the most of your lunchtime:

This is the perfect amount of time to workout. If your gym is nearby, head over for a quick 45 minute workout. It's great for your health and increases the heart rate making you ready to go back to work. Working out mid-day is a great pick-me-up and gives you that extra energy you need to get through the rest of the day.
Don't have a gym close by? Go for a walk, jog or run! When I worked on a college campus, many of us would go on walks during lunch breaks. We could take in the scenery and get exercise at the same time. You could even bring a change of clothes and shoes. We kept ours in a desk drawer so we could change into them when we were ready to go.

Lunchtime also provides the perfect amount of time to get beautified, so go get a manicure or pedicure. This is such a relaxing activity and an hour break gives you just enough time to do something enjoyable for yourself. I love getting my feet massaged during a pedicure. What a great way to relax and get back in work mode for the last part of the day.

Speaking of getting beautified, many of my friends have been considering cosmetic surgery. Since our workplace is near the downtown area, we could pop in quickly for botox injections and be back at work in no time. I've even heard of lunchtime botox parties. It's amazing how quick the process is and how the fine lines just disappear in a matter of seconds.

Our last suggestion is to play games! Most everyone has a smartphone or tablet these days, so bring them along for lunch and play some fun games. Games can be relaxing, fun and even uplifting. I take a break each day to play my favorite word game on my tablet and I feel like this not only clears my mind, but gets my brain working and ready to go!

Work can be especially stressful, so it is very important to relax and take time out for yourself each week. I notice how frazzled I get if I don't have my own quite time, even if it is just for a few minutes each day. Many moms forget to take a moment of "me" time, so do yourself a favor and go for it! Do something fun and enjoy every minute of it! How do you spend your lunchtime?


Robin Wilson said...

I would love to have a botox lunch party! I would actually like to swim in the stuff! LOL. I think all of these are great ideas except for the exercise. I could say yes, but I would never do it. I like the idea of giving my mind a break and a chance to destress for the hour! Have fun on your lunch!

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