Celebrate the American Cancer Society's 100th Birthday: Make Your Life List #FinishtheFight

Disclosure: This post was written for American Cancer Society in conjunction with The Motherhood. This is a sponsored post, though all opinions written are my own. 

My son was diagnosed with brain tumors two years ago and, as of last year they began to grow at a rate that  concerned doctors. He began chemotherapy last September and he has been through so much. The first treatment did not work to shrink the tumors, but, as of last week, we found out that the tumors have begun to shrink! This is a small step for him, but an amazing piece of good news that we've been waiting for all these months. It's been a long road for him and he has been such a brave boy through the entire process.
Liam having his port placed for treatment.
Did you know the American Cancer Society began the fight to end cancer 100 years ago? They've done so much to help others with treatments and continue to do so. They are more determined than ever to finish this fight and we are right there with them, supporting them!
Watching Liam and his struggle with brain tumors, I've come to appreciate life and all the special moments we share as a family. Every second, every minute is a blessing and something for which I am forever grateful. The American Cancer Society wants everyone to celebrate those special moments in life, too. After all, shouldn't we all celebrate life and enjoy every minute of it?
Liam's 3rd Birthday celebration!
 How can you celebrate these moments with the American Cancer Society? You can create your own Life List on the American Cancer Society Facebook Page just like we did. Of which accomplishments are you most proud? Maybe you got your dream job, having a baby or maybe you are excited to celebrate your next birthday just like Liam. Just go to the Facebook page, click on "Your Life List" near the top of the page to begin your celebration.
We added our accomplishments first, which were graduating college, giving birth to my beautiful, happy boys and marrying my wonderful husband who supports all of us. Then, I had to think of my future aspirations, or things I still want to accomplish. At 33 years old, I still have much that I want to do in my lifetime, so it's hard to narrow it down, but more than anything I want to see my boys grow up happy and healthy. I am also determined to get my teacher's certification so I can begin teaching! You can also add to the list your hope for the future of cancer. My hope is that one day everyone who is diagnosed with this disease will be cured and live out their lives cancer-free. We've come so far in this fight that I think this will be possible one day and I am hoping that day will be very soon.

Please take a moment to wish the American Cancer Society a happy birthday and go create your Life List today! There will also be a fun Twitter Party coming up on May 22nd for the celebration, but I will tell you more about that in another post.


Jessamine Dungo said...

Happy Birthday American Cancer Society! I hope the time comes soon when people wouldn't have to get scared of cancer because they discovered a cure already. :)

jamie braun said...

glad your son is improving! the life list is such a great idea

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