Top 5 Savings for Summer

I am so excited to announce the beginning of summer for us. Josiah's last day of school was yesterday and the boys could not be more excited. Every summer we spend a great amount of time on the go and this summer is already filled with excited adventures for our entire family. Summer can also mean spending money. My husband can see the dollar signs flash before his eyes, I am sure, so I do what I can to save money. There are many great ways to save during the summer and I wanted to share my top five ideas!

Each summer I end up buying myself a new wardrobe. I can never resist a new swimsuit and a few new outfits for our beach vacations. Mango promotions online has us covered this year with some great discount codes on clothing and much more. I've learned never to pay full price for items and love finding great discounts. Need some new clothes, too? Now's the time to check out the great deals and go for it.

Going on vacation this summer like us? Save money in a very unique way this year by renting a home or apartment. When we visited Italy, we searched online for rental apartments in the area, so we were able to find a bigger space for our money. Four of us traveled together from Germany to Italy and our apartment was not only spacious, but right in the middle of town, so we were able to be right in the mix of everything. Not only did we save money, but we also had an amazing time. This is such a great alternative to hotels. You can also list your home for free while on holiday and make money when others stay at your own home!

Cards for Father's Day
Father's Day is on Sunday, June 16th this year and my boys have already been planning gifts for him. We have actually already planned a birthday/Father's Day party that Sunday and saved money by renting a pavilion at our local park. The boys have decided to buy their Papa a new football, which will be perfect for our time at the park. In addition, we found 3 for 2 on cards at MoonPig.com, so not only did we get a card for my husband, but also for my father and my husband's.

During the summer, we spend a great deal of time outdoors. Plus, Josiah's birthday falls in June, so this is the time of year we do much of our shopping. Did you know there is a Lego Sale and up to 50% off at Toys R Us? The gift my son has requested for months now is the Lord of the Rings Battle of Helm's Deep Lego set. Don't tell him, but I got it... for less than $100! I saved well over $30 on this set and was absolutely amazed. I cannot wait to see his face when he opens this gift.

Josiah is a redhead and, if you have red hair or a child that does, you know this pretty much ensures pink sunburned skin in the summer. The poor boy burns so easily, unlike his brother who immediately tans when in the sun. This is why I have to stock up on sunscreen at the beginning of the summer. Yes, sunscreen can get expensive, especially name-brands, but do not pay full price. You can find up to Half Price savings at Superdrug.

How do you plan to save money this summer? We are going to the beach twice, to an aquarium, visiting grandparents and also going to Six Flags, so we need all the help we can get with expenses. Thankfully we've found so many great deals so far!


Robin Wilson said...

Thank you for the list. I am esp intrigued by the Mango Promotions online for clothing. I want to check out Superdrug's shipping charges as we use a lot of sunscreen too and it would be nice to buy a couple month's at a time!

Sandy VanHoey said...

I was checking out Mango, never heard of that one. There is a dress on their page that my daughter would love to have. Thanks for sharing and a great tip on traveling as well.

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