Trying to Quit Smoking or Want To Make A Change To A Healthier Alternative?

As a mom, I get pretty annoyed when going to a store where there are employees standing right outside the doors smoking. Okay, so when I was in college, I smoked on occasion, but am a non-smoker these days. So, inhaling second-hand smoke is more annoying than ever. I can't handle it the way I used to. Several of my friends and family members do smoke and some of them have been curious about a e-cigarettes. I have to admit, they have sparked my interest, too, since there seems to be many more benefits than smoking a tobacco cigarette and can even help those who wish to quit smoking!

What is an electronic cigarette? It is a device that offers provide nicotine without the risks associated with using tobacco. There are also other benefits, including financial, social and physical. Not to mention, it is a great way to ween yourself off of nicotine and it gives you a more satisfying feeling than wearing a patch. All and all, if more people switched to e-cigarettes, I think it would be win-win.

There are many e-cigarettes on the market, though, and it is hard to know exactly which one is right for you. This is why it is best to read up on electronic cigarette reviews. This can be educational and informative for those looking to switch over. The ecigarettereviewed website is great for this pupose because it offers unbiased and comprehensive reviews of the leading e-cigarettes currently on the market. The reviewers working for the website even inspect the companies who make the cigarettes in order to make sure their products are reliable.

My mom and grandma used to smoke several cigarettes a day and when my grandma tried to quit smoking, the entire process was a failure. After smoking for over 30 years, going cold turkey was just not possible. If only she had the option of e-cigarettes back then, I think she would have had a much better success, especially during the time when she started really craving them. When I see people out and about using an e-cigarette, I actually tell them I applaud their decision to try them because I don't have to inhale the smoke. I even asked someone recently why they decided to try them and he told me he was spending so much money on tobacco that giving them up for e-cigarettes was the financially responsible thing to do and he enjoys them. Plus, he mentioned that he feels healthier because you aren't actually inhaling smoke, but it through water vapor, so he no longer has the awful smokers cough he once had.

Are you considering giving e-cigarettes a try, thinking about quiting or know someone else who could benefit from this information? If so, Ecigarettesreviewed.com is the best place to start. Also, they offer coupon codes for many electronic cigarette brands. You can not only read reviews about the products, but you can also compare prices, too, so you can find one within your price range, save money and give them a try! As a mom, I say drop the tobacco cigarettes, please, because they are not only unhealthy for you, but also for my children who inhale the second-hand smoke. Isn't at least worth a try? I think so.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written for ecigarettesreviewed.com. However, all opinions written are my own.


jamie braun said...

one of my friends recently got one of the e-cigarettes. its a cheap one though, and dosnt work well. going to send him over to this site

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