Making The Family Move As Stress-Free As Possible For Children

Moving home more than once is a fact of life for many of us, and whilst it can be a stressful time with its fair share of worries, there are things to do that can minimize the upheaval. Cutting ties with a much-loved district and heading off for pastures new may seem daunting, but it needn't be. A positive outlook, plenty of planning and organization and realistic expectations all help to make moving home a rewarding experience.

Involve the children
Families on the move successfully go the distance when all members of the team are kept in the loop - and that includes the children. Right from the outset, involve the children as much as possible in planning for the move; this will help dispel any anxieties about their new lives in a new place.  Also encourage the children in sorting through and packing up their belongings, and discuss what their new rooms may look like. Have fun planning together the new layout of their bedroom.

The more time youngsters have to get used to the idea of a new home, the easier they will find it to adapt and accept the change. Most children will be reluctant at first because the idea of leaving all that is familiar can be frightening. But there is an intrepid explorer inside all children and soon they will become curious about their new home. Be prepared with lots of answers to questions about all the fun things and great activities to be enjoyed at the new house!

Remain positive
Remember to put the best possible spin on the situation, without being misleading – keeping any doubts or misgivings about relocating hidden, as children pick up on these and will worry. Accentuate all the great reasons for moving home, such as being closer to other family members, making new friends, having a bigger bedroom or garden, being closer to the shops, playground, beach, etc.

There will be a million and one things to do in the run up to moving day. Involving the children in the planning and packing reinforces the reality of what is happening and helps them adjust to the situation in an involving, non-passive way. Transporting all the contents of a house or apartment is a huge job but significant savings can be achieved by doing things independently, organizing the hire of convenient shipping pods that offer a cost effective and simple way of self-moving belongings either right across the country or just into the next town.

Once safely installed in the new home children can explore and begin to enjoy their new environment. At first children may be a little clingy and it's important to be reassuring and there for them. Quickly establish routines at the new house, getting meal and bed times regular is important as this semblance of normality will be comforting.  Find local clubs for the sports or activities that children enjoy and take them along for a look, but don't expect too much enthusiasm at first, there may well be a little shyness to overcome.

Attitude is everything when moving home. Keeping things happy and upbeat, accentuating the positives and embracing the new - there is no reason why a change of location shouldn't be a fun adventure for all the family.


Natalie Parvis-Nichols said...

I'm so glad I read this. We need to move from UT to Kentucky and I had never even thought of using pods.

Sara Rowe said...

Thank you - I hadn't considered this as an option either

Helga said...

Great suggestions which I will pass on to my parent friends!

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