Show Off Your Unique & Fun Finds Via the New Finds App

Growing up in Athens, Georgia, I cannot tell you how often I found unique and fun items in the downtown shops. Back then, I would share my finds my purchasing the items as gifts for special occasions. Now that I am a blogger, I have the opportunity to share many finds with all of my followers. Let me just start out by saying I LOVE to shop! I can easily waste an hour walking around Target or the mall, just looking at all the new and interesting items for sale. I get so excited when I find great products for our family and I enjoy sharing my finds with others just as much. This is why I was so excited to learn about the new app Finds, which is available for free in the iTunes store!

What's so awesome about Finds? I easily uploaded the app to both my iPhone and my iPad since I usually have one of the two with me when shopping. Then I made my account and was immediately ready to share my finds! Once you have your account (just by adding your name and email address), you can do several different things:

Share your finds- Click the + symbol to take a picture of your unique find. You can edit the picture, add information about the item and also what you think about it. We shared three of my new most favorite products I recently received and purchased. Each time I posted about an item, it immediately shares them with everyone else who has the app. Plus, it automatically links the item up to a website where others can purchase the item! Isn't that ingenious? Here are my first three finds:
My first three finds of many to come!
I found this view via clicking on my profile. By clicking on one photo, I can pull up the information about it. These are my favorite new finds and I couldn't wait to share them. The first is a Skip-Hop book bag for my son Liam. He absolutely loves this backpack and takes it everywhere with him. The pair of shoes is by Zipz and, true to its name, the top of the shoe can zip on and off, so you can add new tops designs on top of the soles. The last one is something I just bought this weekend, the new Knock Knock Clump-O-Lumps stuffed animals that have interchangeable parts. Just like the shoes, each of these animals has 3 zippered parts that you can change around to create your own new animal. I bet you've never seen a shark-frog before, but now you can! Isn't that cool?

Share your thoughts- You can not only share your thoughts about your own finds, but you can comment on the finds other people add! You can also add your favorite items to your own Wishlist for future reference. This way you can keep up with all your new finds for shopping or sharing with others at a later time.

Find some new finds- Click on the "Finds" button to discover what great finds others have found. Someone posted about Buncha Blocks earlier and they look perfect for my little boys who love to build. There were also some adorable rain boots someone added. In the description it also mentioned where she found them and that they are on sale. Those are my kinds of rain boots. All I had to do was click on the "Find" button on the product picture and I was immediately transported to the website where I could purchase them at great prices.
Rylee would love these boots!
Get inspired- By looking at all the products people have posted on the Finds app, I have found some great ideas for future birthdays and special occasions. Josiah's 6th birthday is coming up in June, so this is really the perfect place for me to find some inspiration. Plus, he can even look through the finds, too, and let me know what he likes!
My Zipz Shoes Find!
I enjoy sharing my finds and am just like a kid in that I still get excited when I find something new and fun, especially when it is something for my kiddos. My favorite thing about the Finds app is that I can see what others have found. I do a great deal of shopping online, so this makes finding new items not only fun, but easy. Plus, I saved money on the rain boots since the link went to a sale website. So, I'm thinking maybe this app can help me find new gift ideas and maybe even save me some money on the gifts.

Do you love shopping as much as I do? If so, the Finds app is definitely for you! This is a fun app for anyone and is so simple to use that even my computer illiterate mom could figure it out.  Even after using the app for the past few days, I've grown addicted to it and love checking in to see what else has been added. I love that I can use this app anywhere- on-the-go, at a store, or even at home!

A Chance to Win a $100 Visa Debit Card on Finds every week!! 
As if you needed more incentive to try out this app, Finds is giving away a $100 Visa Gift Card every week to a random user that not only has posted that week, but also has at least 3 followers. 

I participated in a campaign for Mom Central Consulting on behalf of the Finds mobile app. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.


Amy said...

This is a cool app! I love window shopping -The app looks like it would be a great way to also remember things you want to go back for (ie: gifts)

Danielle Harper said...

Now that sounds really cool. Reminds me of Pinterest but catered towards shopping. Hopefully it becomes available on Android devices!

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