Get Your License To Spill With Mohawk Flooring #LicenseToSpill #CBias

Last week I was super excited to receive an invitation to not only attend the Dogwood Festival in Atlanta, Georgia, but to also hang out with the Mohawk Flooring gang at their booth! We have worked with Mohawk in the past on reviews and giveaways, so I was familiar with the brand. Mohawk is one of the world's largest flooring manufacturer and sells its beautiful flooring products in a variety of retailers, including Home Depot (where we've purchase a Mohawk rug in the past) and Kohl's!
My son Josiah and I headed to Atlanta and couldn't wait to get there. As soon as we walked in the front gates, we spotted the Mohawk Flooring License To Spill Atlanta Tour Booth area complete with some fun and amazing things. I noticed Josiah's eyes get bigger as we neared the first table full of SmallCakes Cupcakery cupcakes. They had the most delicious peach and cinnamon peach cupcakes. What a perfect choice for all of us Georgia Peaches!
When we arrived, Audra Lowe was there filming a spot with Mohawk Flooring! For those of you who do not know the name, Audra is the co-host of nationally syndicated The Better Show. True to her demeanor on tv, she was so nice and down to earth. I even ran into her later and she gave me directions back to another part of the park!

I was introduced to several other bloggers and then we moved on to the really interesting part of the License To Spill Tour! Mohawk Flooring was introducing their SmartStrand carpeting.

About SmartStrand
This awesome material is permanent stain AND soil resist in a way that never wears off or gets old. Most other carpets have a stain resistant treatment applied to the top of the fabric, which actually wears off after time. We learned this from carpeting we purchased for my mom's house. With SmartStrand, as long as you have the carpet in your home, it will have stain protection because it is much different than other carpets, having the stain protection actually built into the carpet fiber!

Knowing this information, we were given License to Spill! Actually, Josiah was in charge and allowed to make a mess for once! He was asked to spray a variety of staining liquids onto a piece of carpet... and boy did he! The entire piece of carpet was covered in red wine and juice stains. You can see it here:
All we had to do was clean with a spray bottle of water and then wipe dry with a cloth before the carpeting looked like new again. How amazing is that?
I swear it is like magic. For those of us with kids, this would be the perfect carpeting for our homes, right? I don't know how many times the kids have spilled drinks or foods on the floor. Being able to easily clean up the mess would be wonderful!

As you can see, SmartStrand is so easy to clean. This means you don't have to spend a bundle of money on those expensive carpet cleaners any more. No more harsh chemicals are needed either! All you need is a cloth, some warm water, maybe some mild detergent or dish soap. Then, you are ready to clean. We saw this amazing carpeting get rid of stains in less than a minute. This is why the SmartStrand carpet is rated #1 in consumer satisfaction.
We had such a wonderful time meeting other Atlanta area bloggers and learning about SmartStrand carpet. Now I know what carpeting we are going to look at when we get our new house! My son is already asking when we can go back to the Dogwood Festival, so I know we'll definitely go back next year. You can check out our Twitter account at @Children Teach to see the tweets we sent throughout the day and you can also follow Mohawk Flooring on Twitter, too! Also, be sure to go to the Mohawk Flooring website for your chance to win a 6'x9' SmartStrand Silk bound carpet rug. (This material is unbelievably soft! We got to feel it today and loved it!)

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Trista said...

looks like you had fun and those cupcakes look yummy

Danielle @ We Have It All said...

This is awesome, it looks like you had so much fun! I wonder if they will come to the Chicago area anytime soon? It's cool that you got to meet other bloggers too. I love Mohawk, we have 2 rugs so far and I'd itching for a 3rd! I have my eye on one already :)

Danielle Harper said...

That carpet looks amazing. My kids ruined my carpet so badly that I ripped it all out and refinished the hard wood floors.

Mimi B said...

I'm looking at homes right now and from what I can tell, we'll have to replace the carpet in a couple of the rooms and with 4 kids, I want something that's as stain resistant as possible! This looks like it would be a good choice!

QueenB said...

Looks like a blast! I bet J had so much fun purposely making spills without getting in trouble :)

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