Protecting Your Entire Family Against Identity Theft with Identity Guard

There are so many reasons I love the Spring season! The weather is warmer, the flowers start to bloom and we get our tax returns! However, there are other things we must deal with, too, like all of the tax forms we have to submit and, of course, spring cleaning. Eck! I never look forward to cleaning, but I get my cleaning gloves on and clean the house from top to bottom each April. Some things can simply be thrown away while others must be handled more carefully, such as important papers. We have some great ideas for properly disposing of these items!

Since my husband started his business this year, we've had even more paperwork that usual. To avoid Identity Theft, we cannot get rid of our old paperwork like the other spring cleaning trash. Instead, we've shredded the important paperwork to make sure it does not get into someone else's hands. That includes tax forms, business information and anything that is personal.
I'm not sure if you are like us, but somehow we've ended up with more magazine subscriptions that I ever thought possible. As I was gathering all the trash during my big cleaning day, I realized that magazines have our names and address printed on them. Would I really want someone else finding this at the dump? Not really. This is why I keep a black sharpie handy and can black out all the information.

In addition to our magazines and my husband's business papers, we've also had to fill out many forms for my son this year. Since he was accepted into Make A Wish and other programs for his Neurofibromatosis, We've had to submit information we normally wouldn't, such as his social security number. To guard against Child Identity Theft, we have to get rid of these papers properly, too. That means deleting all files from the computer as well as shredding any papers we still have at home. All other important papers we need to keep are always stored in a lock box for safe keeping.

We have been working with Identity Guard® for the past few months to share information with our readers about Identity Theft and how to protect yourself against it. Not only can you protect yourself, but, with  Identity Guard® kID Sure®you can easily protect your children as well. Yes, children are also at risk for ID theft. As the world becomes more mobile and internet based, this opens up so many ways for thieves to access personal information you would not willingly want them to have.
Did you know that Identity Guard® has been protecting others against Identity Theft for over a decade now? They have an amazing program with solid technological solutions that very quickly alert you if any type of activity with your personal information should arise. The latest innovation is kID Sure®, making it possible to now protect the entire family from identity theft. Even when you aren't online, Identity Theft continues to work and keep your family's information safe. Just knowing that the program is always there to keep our personal information safe makes me feel more at easy when working online each day.

Disclosure: This service was provided to me for review at no charge. In addition I received monetary compensation. All opinions are my own.


Anonymous said...

Having identity theft protection for the entire family is so necessary nowadays, especially when you are not aware of what info they are disclosing to others while they are online. Thanks for the share.

Robin Wilson said...

I had no idea just how serious this was until my neighbor's son had his stolen and he is only 24 years old! But that didn't make it any more serious and harder to resolve!! Thanks for the info!

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