Okay, I Admit It: I Am NOT The Perfect Mom... Far From It, Actually!

Yesterday, Jen from Life with Levi posted the picture below on her Facebook page. For once, someone posted a picture supporting all parents and their decisions instead of lashing out and thinking one way is the best way. Unfortunately, as soon as it was posted, the snarky comments began. The focus was taken off of the support of parents to a comment war about circumcision with more judgement that I've ever seen in the past.
granola babies
Here's the thing, folks, I may not agree with the way some people parent and the decisions they make, but I try not to judge anyone. Some of my friends formula feed while others breastfeed. Some friends have circumcised their sons and others haven't. Do I stop talking to them if I disagree? No, they are my friends and they do have the right to make their own decisions (as long as they aren't illegal, of course).

So, with all of that said, I know I am not a great mom and their are many wrong decisions I have made over the years... and I will make many wrong decisions in the future, I am sure. Here are many reasons I am a crappy mom:

1. I didn't take my prenatal vitamins every day.
2. I had a cup of coffee almost every morning when I was pregnant.
3. I circumcised my first son.
4. I gave up on breastfeeding my first son after only a week.
5. I supplemented with formula with my second son.
6. I have not vaccinated my 3 year old other than the ones they gave him as a newborn... and don't plan on it in the near future.

7. I did vaccinate my first son, but picked the ones I thought were important. I never get the flu shot and chose not to get the chicken pox vaccine, among others.
8. I cloth diaper when convenient and use disposables when not.
9. I homeschool both of my boys rather than send them to public schools.
10. I have always practiced co-sleeping and still do... with my 5 year old if he wants.
11. I do not want to teach my children only the teachings of Jesus, but of all religions so they can pick what they choose to believe.
12. I have spanked even though I swore I never would.
13. I let my children stay up late and sleep late if they want.
14. I let my 5 year old watch horror movies because he loves them and so do I.
15. I still take my 5 year old into the women's bathroom with me and do not trust letting him go into the men's room without supervision. I trust him, just not other people.
16. I practice attachment parenting and see nothing wrong with my boys preferring Mama.
17. I let my kids drink Dr. Pepper once a week if they want.
18. We eat sweets a lot and I don't brush their teeth every night.
19. I don't make my kids pick up their messes all the time.
20. I do not choose toys that determine gender roles. If my kids want a pink dollhouse, I would not hesitate to buy it. In fact, my son's bday party is this weekend and he chose Care Bears as the theme.

These are just a few of the things I do that mess up my children. Many of my family members think I am crazy for even using cloth diapers or breastfeeding. Others think the opposite is crazy! We caught it big time for not circumcising Liam and family members still ask when we will get it done. Not happening, people!

Yes, we all have our quirks and "bad parenting" practices and moments, but one thing is for certain, WE ALL LOVE OUR BABIES! Write your blog post and link up below to connect with others who are not perfect moms and then read the great posts!  It's time we all admit it to ourselves and others! How are YOU a crappy mom?


QueenB said...


Whitney @ Momma Knows Best said...

After reading yours, I thought of several that I left off of my list. Heck, if we're being honest, I could go on for DAYS I'm sure. My 2 year old doesn't have a bedtime or a certain time for naps. Just last night, she was awake until nearly midnight - and guess what? The world didn't come to an end.

Bottom line, we're all doing what we feel is best for our babies. Our decisions won't be the same but that's OKAY!

Mike Davis said...

Ouch-- Where are civil manners gone? I don't get the weight that one puts on another as to be right--Im proud that you can stand up for yourself its your blog right-- but facebook seems that many have no manners, or do they care who they hurt along the way. I'm not a perfect dad , and sometimes my kids are out of control,or rude,dont get to bed on time ect. I haven't found the owners manual for them but they are mine-- and all in all they are pretty great kids-- I SAY do the best you can--

Children Teaching Mama said...
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Veronica Lee said...

I love your honesty! I still think you're a great mom!

Have a nice day!

glamgirlajj said...

I love this post! It makes me feel better!

Maria Isabel Buo said...

Though every mom has a different approach to their kids, it was just being a "loving MOM" is. So, I'm very proud to every mom in the world. :)
Keep loving and being loved!

sandy1955 said...

What a great job you did of this posting! You hit the nail right on the head with so many things. We all need to do as we feel is right with our children and agree to disagree...what others do is up to them.
Sandy VanHoey

Becca S said...

Great post! Do I disagree with some of the things you do? Sure! I know you would disagree with some of the things I do. Thankfully we have the freedom to do what we feel is right for our own children!

Dharper Sails said...

Thank you for this! Me and my friends raise our children totally different. It doesn't mean one way is right and the other is wrong. It means that we each are individuals and have our own minds.

Fiddlin' Dandi said...

Thanks for being so honest. It's great that we all have different parenting styles, because that's what works best for our family. There's no one right way to do it!

Alexandra Clatterbuck said...

Great post! I know for a fact I am not perfect either...but there is nothing wrong with that =)

Colleen said...

your children sound loved...not messed up!

Spots8105 said...

There are as many parenting styles as there are parents. No one way is correct and no one way is wrong. A parent must develop skills over the years which they feel are best for their children, despite what your neighbor might say. Keep up the good work.

Carolyn Colley said...

Sounds to me like you are a pretty good mom, so many times I ask myself where did I go wrong, the older I get, I know I did the best job that I could have done being a single mom, my first husband passed way when my daughter was 2 & my son 4.

Carole Ingram said...

I do not compare my parenting style with others, it's such a bad idea to do so cause the grass always seem greener on the other side doesn't it. You are right, let's CELEBRATE our different parenting styles and not judge others if you disagree, blah blah blah. :) Love it.

Jessica B. said...

This is a great post and honest which I love. We all have our own styles of parenting. I'm sure I've done some things too. jj250@aol.com

Jen - Life With Levi said...

Levi said your boys can come play with his dollhouse if he can come to the Care Bears party :)

Love this!!

Sarh Snarski said...

I LOVE THIS!!!!!!! Women need to stop judging and start supporting each other!!! Mom's should be in this world together/with each other, not against each other.

Melanie said...

How dare you?! ha ha.. I love this meme

Jennifer Hiles said...

Oh that was so nice to read. Now I know i'm not the only one...Thanks so much for posting this.

Jude Skocki Kelly said...

I feel that I was a good mom, my kids are now 20 & 24. I am, however, guilty of also doing most of the items that you have shared on your list ~ plus others. Did I screw up my son's life by having him circumcised? I don't think so! Is my daughter in life long therapy because I used disposable diapers on her. Uuuummmm, NO! I believe that every person parents differently and, like you said, as long as there is nothing illegal being done, it is their right to do so.

I always believed that if you want to keep your friends your friends then there are 3 NEVERS that need to be done.

1) NEVER argue politics
2) NEVER borrow money and
3) NEVER criticize parenting skills

myfreebi3s at yahoo dot com

neoh42f said...

I honestly don't know why some people have nothing better to do than bash others for their personal rights and decisions.

synnovemarte said...

Our kids would totally get along... :)


Karen Glatt said...

I seen this post, and found it curious, so I read it, and I think that you are doing a great job raising your kids! No parent is perfect, and we need to show our true selves to our kids! We need to give unconditional love to our children!

maria elena said...

everyone has their own way of raising their kids =]

Melanie said...

This is great! It's all about a matter of opinion on what makes a crappy mom or a good mom. A number of things on your list I thought were actually kind of cool... like homeschooling and not conforming to gender roles to name just a few. Thanks for writing this article!

Denise Taylor-Dennis said...

So glad to have read this I have felt like a crappy mom at points in my life glad to know I'm not the only one. I don't like to judge anyone on how they parent.

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