The Best US Cities For Child Education

Any parents looking to relocate that have young children, be it for work, family or other reasons, want to know that the education options in their chosen city will be the best possible. A good education from a young age is crucial to children getting the right start in life, so educational establishments that have a strong academic ethos, together with varied options for sporting and other recreational activities, are an attractive draw for young families.

Parents look for a well-rounded education for their children, but are also keen that any special talents their young ones may have are spotted and developed as early as possible. Excellent teaching, good staff to student ratios and a range of arts and sporting facilities make a school attractive.

Public and private school systems

The majority of children attend public schools, some 90%, and these schools are subsidized by the taxpayer, with policies, curricula and other matters determined by school boards locally. There are three school education levels: elementary, middle (sometimes known as junior high) and high. The other 10% of children attend private schools, and these are not subsidized, with fees being paid by parents, guardians or others. Most private schools offer scholarships or bursaries to help children from lower income families to have the opportunity to attend.

Top 5 cities

San Francisco

One of the world’s greatest cities with a vibrant and diverse economy, San Francisco’s Unified School District ranks amongst the top-performing large city districts in California and the nation as a whole. With half of the USD schools ranking above the state average it is in the top 40 per cent nationwide. Newsweek has named four of its high schools as being among the best in the country.


Portland prides itself as a progressive city, and though the climate may not suit all (with plenty of rain) it has community-based alternative education programs to go with its 85 public schools, and a number of special services programs too, allowing lots of choice. Major companies, such as Nike, are based there, and the arts and music scene prove a huge draw for families, as well as proximity to the great outdoors.


Florida’s warm year-round climate is an attractive reason for moving, and Florida property is more affordable than many may think. Tampa offers over 243 schools and dozens of alternative education options, such as magnet and charter schools, coupled with early childhood learning centers. Museums and galleries are an additional attraction for families, as are the professional sports teams.


With small teacher-student ratios, Honolulu is part of Hawaii Public Schools District and, apart from the added personal attention students get, it has one of the top-performing high schools in the nation and several excellent elementary schools. The cost of living is high, but the quality of education and opportunities for sun, sand and surf make for a top place to bring up children.


North Carolina’s capital city offers great choices for children’s education with over 150 schools available, from elementary through to high. Choices include a healthy magnet program and various charter schools as well as traditional approaches. The city is culturally diverse, and over 90% of students expect to go on to some type of higher education.


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