Five health tips for children

No matter a child’s age, special attention must always be given to their health and overall well-being.  It is a parent’s job not only to ensure the health and safety of their child, but also to teach that child about healthy habits and why such habits are so important.  Here are five health tips for children that will help.

#1 Eating right

It is no secret that a healthy, well-balanced diet is the key to growing up strong and healthy.  Maintaining healthy eating habits is important far beyond childhood and can help ensure a long, healthy life.  First and foremost, parents need to learn what a balanced diet is before they can teach their kids.  Healthy diets include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, plenty of protein, and lots of fluids.  

Once parents know what a good diet consists of, get the kids involved.  Start each day with a healthy breakfast that will refuel the body and provide plenty of energy.  Then, let the children help plan at least one meal each week.  This is a good way to let kids learn what foods are healthy and which ones aren’t.  And remember, kids learn by imitating their parents, so set a good example by eating right!

#2 See the doctor regularly

Routine medical check-ups are essential for staying healthy.  Often, parents make the mistake of only taking their child to the doctor when he or she is sick – that’s a big mistake.  Regular medical, dental, and vision examinations will identify any potential problems and help children to stay healthy.  Vaccinations are also a good idea, as they help save lives through the prevention of many diseases.  Parents concerned about the possible risks and side effects of having their children immunized should talk to their doctor and never be afraid to ask questions.

#3 Banking the baby’s cord blood

Banking a baby’s umbilical cord blood isn’t a frequent presence on “top health tips for kids” lists, but it should be.  Unfortunately, cord blood banking isn’t as universally known about as doctors would like and many expectant parents just don’t know how critical a matter it actually is. A baby’s umbilical cord blood is rich in stem cells, which can be used to treat a number of diseases including cancer and Sickle Cell Anemia.  Even when there is no obvious indication that a child is sick or will become ill at some point, the cord blood could ensure its survival at some time in the future. It can be carefully stored and preserved for future use by that child or any relative.  Parents may also opt to donate the cord blood for public use by suitable recipients.  If parents want to learn how umbilical cord banking works they should consult their doctor before the baby is born.

#4 Healthy choices do matter

Good personal hygiene and making healthy choices often means the difference between getting sick or hurt and staying healthy.  Parents need to help their children develop good personal hygiene skills and encourage making healthy choices everyday.  Parents should emphasize things like proper hand washing before eating or handling food, coming in from outside, and after using the restroom.  Other healthy choices include not touching the face and avoiding close contact, wearing a helmet when cycling and a safety belt in a vehicle, applying sunscreen, and brushing their teeth.  The list is endless and the more a child is taught, the healthier he or she will be.

#5 Staying active

An active lifestyle is a healthy lifestyle.  Parents should lead by example and include children in their exercise activities.  That means taking the kids on a walk or bike ride and other similar outdoor activities.  It is a good idea to get between 30 and 60 minutes of physical activity every day, or several smaller sessions equaling that time.  Parents can encourage more activity by limiting television and computer time and encouraging the kids to play outside at least once a day.


Swank Savings said...

thank you for this!

HaleysMom said...

I think it is important to remember that just because your child is eating right and is active, they might not necessarily have the "ideal" body type. Although I was kept in the hospital an extra few days when I was born for being underweight, even then I had thighs that looked like Vienna sausages, lol. Throughout my childhood I was put on diet after diet, which my doctor now speculates is why I have an abnormally low metabolizism. As long as a child is eating a healthy diet and remaining active, they are on the road to becoming healthy adults. Thank you for this article, especially about the cord banking - I never heard of that before.

Jessica B. said...

These are all great tips! I also feel it is important to take children in for routine checkups. It also makes them less scared to go when they are sick. jj250@aol.com

Spots8105 said...

I especially like your tip number 5 about staying active. So many times, the children of today's world are so engrossed with technology they get very little time outside. My husband and I always stressed fresh air and exercise when our children were younger. Now, both love the outdoor activities much more than the indoor ones. Thanks for your tips.

bellissimo bellissimo said...

Thanks for the great tips

bill elliott said...

Great tips , I will pass these along to my kids for their kids

tragedy6996 said...

Super Helpful tips! Thanks for sharing!

Emmy Coffee said...

Keep active for sure! It's best if it's party of your lifestyle and if parents are a great model!

Denise Taylor-Dennis said...

Thank you these are all very good tips.

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