Welcome Our New Review Bloggers

Since the new school year has begun and things have definitely been busy around here! With school, doctor's appointments and everything else going on, it was time to admit it: I need help! There are some days I just don't have time to write posts, reviews or giveaways, which I really dislike saying. This is why I decided to add 2 new review bloggers to Children Teaching Mama. This means more posts AND more reviews/giveaways. I was limiting the amount of items I accept, but now I don't have to be as picky.

We had so many great applications, so thank you so much for applying if you did. This was quite possibly the hardest decision I've had to make with my blog so far. After spending all of last weekend on picking 2 review bloggers, I finally did it. Here's a little bit about them:

Sara from Mommy Summers

Mommy Summers 

Sara is a SAHM to a beautiful 18 month old daughter. Her blog, Mommy Summers, has a little bit of everything, as her job as a Mama includes a little bit of everything! She just recently started TTC again and her blog was originally written when she was trying to conceive her first, so she's going back to her roots!

Anne from Zephyr Hill Blog 
Anne is a cloth diapering, home schooling, hobby farming and just all-around busy mother of 5 wonderful children and is expecting another in January! She is the creator of the Zephyr Hill Blog and works from home as a professional naming consultant through her business Discovery Naming Service.

 Join me in welcoming our new reviewers! You will see their reviews and giveaways in the near future. Have a great weekend!


Jessica B. said...

Welcome! More giveaways is a plus too! Looking forward to reading your posts.

Carrie said...

Welcome!! Looking forward to learning more about you all!

Jerri Davis said...

I know and christmas is not my favorite time of year.Thank you Jerri Davis

dusty katt said...

Hello hope you are comfortable in your new home

Sue Hull said...

Welcome! It's always fun to have more reviews and giveaways too. I'm sure you'll both do an awesome job! :)

Fiddlin' Dandi said...

Great to have some more reviewers on board! Looking forward to reading some reviews!

Sarh Snarski said...

Welcome!!! Can't wait to see some more awesome reviews and giveaways!

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