Maternity Clothes- What to Wear This Fall & Winter Season

A few years ago, when you were an expectant mom maternity clothes consisted of oversized t-shirts and extra-stretchy leggings – not a particularly flattering look! Nowadays, you don’t have to compromise your style when you’re pregnant – maternity fashion has come on leaps and bounds. As we see the fall/winter trends hit the shops, there are some great trends out there for all you mom’s to be! 

Berry colors

Berry colors are a huge trend this autumn, and it’s a color that is so versatile. It suits every different skin tone, and is great for both day and evening wear. These colors will definitely help you feel festive! 


Shirts are still a big trend this fall/winter, and you can wear them virtually anywhere – in the office, on date night, or on a family day out. They are really flattering to your growing bump, whilst still looking sophisticated.

Colored trousers

If you want to be a bit daring but still comfortable, colored jeans are a great compromise. This trend isn’t going anywhere so jump on board so bring a pop of color to fall. 

These styles are great ways to flatter your changing body during your pregnancy, whilst still feeling fashionable and on-trend. With so much great maternity fashion around, experiment with these different trends to find your perfect mom-to-be outfit!


Danielle @ We Have It All said...

You are SO right! When I was pregnant with my older three kids, maternity wear was so horrible haha... but it's much better now. I really enjoyed shopping these last two pregnancies, everything is so stylish now!

Eco Baby Mama Drama said...

With my older one maternity clothes were NOT cool, I got lots of hand-me-downs :( my younger one and the next one I plan to be super stylin'!

Danielle Harper said...

Love that berry colors are trending this autumn. Their so pretty and eye catching. Perhaps I can find some nursing shirts.... :)

Whitney @ Momma Knows Best said...

I am so excited to get some new maternity clothes this time around! With me being pregnant at different times of the year, it will be a necessity and I am so glad that there are stylish options available!

Shell Fruscione said...

I'm counting down the months until I get to wear maternity clothes again! I miss being able to emphasize my tummy instead of hiding it.

Amanda said...

I have seen this colored trousers trend and am not sure what I think about it... Love the berry color though and actually just got a cute berry colored maternity top!

Fiddlin' Dandi said...

I just love berry colors! Especially plum or blackberry colors.

Jessica B. said...

I love the berry colors too, even though I am not pregnant and wearing maternity clothes. My mom just wore a plum color to my brother's wedding-loved it!

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