Soft and Strong: Vote In the Charmin 2012 Election & Win Great Prizes

Both of my sons, Liam and Josiah, are very close and enjoy playing together, but they are also very different. I've watched their personalities develop since birth and am amazed at how much they've grown. I've also changed as a parent and my parenting methods have evolved over time. For example, I've learned that sometimes I have to be a soft parent and other times it is better to be strong and stand my ground.

I think being "soft" is most appropriate when my boys need me the most. Josiah's feelings get hurt very easily and I know I sometimes have to handle him with care. When my children, friends or family members are feeling down and sad, it's best to be soft, to give them love and let them know they have someone who is there for them. Sometimes my children have bad days when nothing seems to go right and that's when Mama is there to comfort them and to let them know the next day will be much better. I'm much better at being soft that at being a disciplinarian, which is when I have to be strong.

There are times, almost every day, that I have to be strong for my family and my boys. We have just started homeschooling and this has definitely put my patience and dedication to the test. Trying to teach a 3 year-old and 5 year-old is not at all easy and I must be very strict about the amount of time we spend on schoolwork. Otherwise, the little monkeys would think they could hop up and play any time they want. We have to stay on schedule and go to sleep on time and get up early in the morning. This is not always easy for me since I'm not a morning person, but I have to do it for my children. There are also times when brothers fight and I have to let them know it is inappropriate. This is another time I have to be strong, let them know they cannot hurt each other and know they they shouldn't do it again.

When are you soft and/or strong with your family?

Speaking of Soft or Strong, it is time to vote for your favorite Charmin: Ultra Soft or Ultra Strong during the Charmin 2012 Election. I, personally, prefer Ultra Soft, and have I buy it every time! Charmin® Ultra Soft is designed with absorbent cushions that allow you to use less versus the leading value brand. Charmin® Ultra Strong’s enhanced DiamondWeave™ texture delivers a clean you will notice, with the softness you expect from Charmin. Do your part and vote for your favorite!
How To Vote:
First, "Like" Charmin here:

Then, go to the Facebook App to and cast your ballot for Charmin Ultra Soft or Ultra Strong. Also, be sure to join the great TP debate and share stories on how they "enjoy the go"! As always when voting, every vote counts! Not sure which Charmin to vote for? Go to the Facebook page, watch the debate videos and take the online quiz!

Your Chance To Win!
In addition to voting, Facebook fans also have the opportunity to win weekly prizes, including t-shirts, an entire year's supply of Charmin and more!! We go through so much toilet paper in our house that this would be such an awesome prize!

Which Charmin is your favorite? Either way you can't go wrong, but I know we all have favorites! 

Disclosure:  I was compensated for this blog post as part of the SocialMoms and Charmin blogging program. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own. For more blog posts on this topic, click here.


Carrie said...

How fun! Love ultra soft :)

slehan said...

Can always use free TP. Thanks for the info.

Jessica B. said...

I always use Charmin Soft for my family too. I think it is important to be soft when dealing with feelings and emotional issues. You have to be strong when dealing with discipline and teaching your child something important. jj250@aol.com

Fiddlin' Dandi said...

Sounds like a fun way to win some great prizes!

Jennifer Hiles said...

I like your analogy. By nature I'm a soft laid back person but not too long ago I became a mom and now there are times I have to be tough/strong. I've realized that there are 3 ways of saying no. Gently, if she's throwing food on the floor, mildly if she wants to reach in the toilet and harsh when she tries do do something that will cause her pain or hurt her.

Denise Taylor-Dennis said...

Charmin is the best toilet paper. I love it. I am soft when my 2 year old isn't feeling well and tough when he is misbehaving.

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