SC Johnson Smart & Easy Spring Cleaning

 I recently mentioned BzzAgent, which is a wonderful website allowing others to try new products and share them with friends and family! If you are a blogger, you can blog about the products and services you try, tweet about them, and even post about them on facebook!

I just recently received a box of SC Johnson brand products from the Smart & Easy Spring Cleaning campaign through BzzAgent. I was so excited because spring is, of course, just around the corner! The days are longer now, the weather is getting warmer, and, of course, the pollen is starting to coat everything. It's time to clean like nobody's business, wipe up those mid-winter germs, and start fresh.

I received everything needed to get our house clean and smelling wonderful, which included:
If I send my husband to the store, he always brings home some sort of Scrubbing Bubbles so, he was more than excited to try out the new foam cleaner. You just spray it on, wait two minutes, and wipe it off to reveal a shiny clean surface. The Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel is even easier. You just stamp a gel disc inside the top of the toilet bowl and it does all of the work keeping the toilet clean and smelling fresh for up to one week! Scrubbing Bubbles makes life especially easy, which is something worthwhile for busy parents.

Next, I tried out the Lemon Clean Pledge. Okay, I have to admit something. My mom used Lemon Pledge when I was growing up and I have always used it, too. Nothing, in my opinion, makes a house smell as clean. We always used my old cloth diaper material to wipe all the furniture clean and I still do the same today. Pledge wipes surfaces clean and leaves a lasting scent behind that screams, "I'm Fresh and CLEAN"!

After the house is nice and clean, it's time to keep it smelling as clean as it is. That's where Glade products step in! They currently have special Spring edition scents, including Sparkle of Clean, Bring On the Blossoms, and Jump For Joy. The Sparkle of Clean candle smells of fresh lime and is, indeed, very Springy! PlugIns give that additional kick with heated, scented oil that fills the house with long-lasting scents. 

I was very, very pleased with all of the wonderful SC Johnson products we received and definitely recommend them all! We also received a booklet of wonderful coupons, which I have shared with other family members. For other freebies and coupons, be sure to follow these products on facebook:

I received a BzzKit box filled with SC Johnson products for the purpose of reviewing. No other compensation was received. All opinions expressed are 100% mine and only mine.


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