Chance Of A Lifetime & Changes Made

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 It's true that, as a Mama, days and weeks can become routine and, yes, mundane. It's tough sometimes, especially to those of us who were always on the go before. When I had my first son, Josiah, I was very timid about my parenting skills and my ability to survive without the help of my husband and family. I never went anywhere, especially out of town without some help for the first year of Josiah's life, but then something totally changed...

Moving Into Our New House
I was accepted into graduate school... away from my husband who was in law school. I had a choice: I could stay and wait until he finished a year later, risking my acceptance and assistantship OR I could move away for one year and he would visit on the weekends until he finished. I'd already lived away from home for 2 years, with only a part-time job, was very bored, and decided it was time for me to do something for myself, which is, unfortunately, not something I often do. Of course, Josiah (1 yr old at the time) was coming with me so, in July of 2008, we moved to Canton, GA for me to begin graduate school.

At Siah's Daycare Fall Festival 09'
I was definitely scared and nervous, especially when the hubs went back to school in August and left me alone with the little stinker. I quickly learned how hard my schedule was. Josiah would stay at daycare while I went to classes, my internship and/or my assistantship (which paid for my classes). Luckily, I had relatives nearby to help pick him up since my classes sometimes didn't get out until 9:30pm!

Our first weekend trip w/o the hubs!
I was challenged during this year, to say the least, with classes, work and Josiah. It was tough, but I learned something about myself much more valuable than the education I received. I learned that I could be independent, I could take care of myself and my child(ren), and that even though I do depend on my husband, I still have the ability to stand on my own. This was something I'd forgotten after 2 years of being married and away from home.

Papa's Home!
Many friends and family members definitely questioned my decision to go back to school and to be away from the hubs, but I tried something new and learned so much about myself I never could have otherwise. In addition, I learned to appreciate every little second I spent with my son. Before, I was going crazy spending 24 hours a day at home!

Oh, and I forgot to mention the biggest change from this decision... I got pregnant in the spring of 2009 with my second son, Liam! This year we spent apart made lasting impressions on all of us and, as a stay at home mom, I am now very, very thankful for the time I get to spend with my children. Josiah starts preschool this fall and I'm in denial right now so, we are just enjoying our time together!
Our little family!

What about you? What have you done in your life to break out of the mundane? Did it have a positive effect?


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