Maamam Aacua Towel Review

Picture this: It's the end of the day, you are tired, the kids are tired, but you know they really need a bath. Ugh! You already know what's in store with water splashing everywhere, your back breaking trying to multi-task, slipping on the water, and then your poor baby freezing when you are trying to pull him/her out of the water! It's tiring for everyone involved The aacua towel by maamam was created for these very reasons! As soon as I saw an advertisement about the aacua, I had to have one and was so excited to review it!

What is aacua?

aacua is THE new generation bath item that transforms bath time with your children into a more relaxing safe and fun experience! Combining safety and functioning, aacua is an innovative product that nurtures and grows with your children to meet their needs and yours!

First, aacua acts as an apron by tying around you while giving your child(ren) a bath. This protects your clothes from getting soaked. Since aacua wraps around as an apron, it's already there when your child(ren) get(s) out of the bath. This is when many accidents happen and these can be eliminated with aacua!  For babies, aacua actually works as a swaddler. Just pick up your baby and wrap them up in the cuddly 100% terry cloth.  If you have a toddler, aacua acts as a bath wrap, with a hoodie to keep their heads from getting cold, too!

My Thoughts

One night, when my first son, Josiah, was still a baby, I had him in the bathtub. He has always loved taking a bath and, as usual, was having a great time splashing and playing with toys. I turned my head slightly, reached to get the towel and, all of a sudden, I heard a splash. Poor Josiah slipped and got water all in his ears, eyes, and nose. Then came the crying that just breaks my heart, especially because the accident was completely my fault. This was one of the 'bad parent' moments of my life. All of this could have ben avoided with an aacua!

One of my major issues with baby towels is how thin and flimsy they are. The aacua is exactly what a baby towel should be: thick, soft, and comforting. In the past, I've had to use two baby towels at a time just to keep our babies warm, especially in the winter, but, with aacua, this is not necessary!

I am completely impressed with maamam's products and love accua. I can't imagine using any other towel. accua is the perfect gift for parents-to-be, too. I am definitely purchasing accua for my sister-in-law, who is due in May. She has yet to experience the difficulty of washing baby and is a bit nervous since she's a first-time mom. I know accua will definitely make life much easier for her and baby!

Buy It
So, are you ready to purchase accua? You can purchase an aacua in the maamam shop for only $42.00! What a deal for such a wonderful multi-purpose item!

This review was written for maamam. The product was received for review purposes and no other compensation was given. All opinions are completely and 100% mine.


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I'd love one of these, my kids love to splash so I'd use it just for me lol

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