Family Happiness & Weekend Mini-Vacations

Once we started our family, my pre-Mama days of staying up late, going out with friends and taking weekend trips across the country were out the window. Don't get me wrong, I love being a Mama, but sitting at home, being quiet, and being patient really aren't my strong suits. I knew something had to give sooner or later... and was hoping for sooner!

Now that my husband works about 60 hours a week and the kids are getting older, we knew it was time to kick the monotony and do something that makes the entire family happy, but what would it be? Well, my husband and I have always enjoyed traveling and the kids actually do very well on car trips so, we decided to take weekend trips every month or two! This decision ended up helping all of us in ways we'd never imagine.

Since my husband works most of the time, I often break from my usual stay-at-home-Mama schedule to go online and search for fun trip ideas. I also really enjoy searching for deals, coupons, and freebies so, I could put my expertise to test. I never even thought our weekend trips would help break up the everyday boredom, but it sure did! Plus, Josiah often searches with me, offering his own suggestions. I've also noticed how easily the excitement builds closer to our trip time! My husband counts down the days to the weekend and for our mini-vacations and so do we.

We live up in the mountains, which is actually the perfect place because we are close to other fun mountain towns, fun fall festivals, and also close to major cities. We can easily hop in the car and be somewhere new and exciting in only an hour or two, sometimes less! So, for our first outing, we chose the Atlanta Aquarium. It was only 45 minutes away, Josiah hadn't been in several years, and Liam had never been. Plus, we found $15 tickets when searching online, which is less than half price and an awesome deal! Since then, we have visited several other places on our weekend vacays, including the Chattanooga Aquarium, UGA, and several children's museums! Cory and Josiah are actually taking a father-son weekend trip together next weekend to the Tennessee Children's Museum. Josiah can't wait and keeps asking me if it's time to go. So cute!

Who knew something so simple could make us all so very happy? I love being with my family and seeing my boys experience new and exciting adventures. I know they will grow up all too quickly so, I love being able to make so many wonderful memories. I am positive our little weekend trips will continue on for years to come and, as the boys get even older, the outings will become more and more adventurous!

What do you and your family do to stay happy?

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