Puristics Totally Ageless Skin Care Review

Scerene Healthcare has now produced a new line of unique personal care products made from pure, naturally occuring ingredients and compounds! Just recently, they have launched three new lines of their Puristics personal care products: Totally Ageless skin care, Pure Protection feminine products,and Baby Care products. 

Available at Drugstore.com, and your local Harris Teeter and Rite Aid, Puristics are free of toxic and harmful chemicals, such as dyes, perfumes, and preservatives. They are recommended for all types of skin and have proven to be very effective! In a recent study for Totally Ageless, 100% of participating women reported noticeably reduced wrinkles and fine lines! 

You can learn more about the pure ingredients and proven effectiveness of Puristics by visiting their website, or following them on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the Scerene blog, PureTalk.

My Thoughts

Puristics Totally Ageless Daily Anti-Aging Lotion SPF 15, 1.7 fl ozI received the line of Puristics Totally Ageless Skin care products, including the Night Recovery Cream, Intensive Eye Treatment, and the Advanced Skin Rejuvenating Lotion! I just turned 31 this weekend and, growing up the 80s, I definitely did my amount of time in the sun without sunscreen... Yes, the fine lines are slowly, but surely creeping in. Maybe it isn't too noticeable just yet, but they will be in a few years. That's exactly why it's important for me to find a lotion that not only rejuvenates my skin, but also contains non-toxic products. I only want the best for my body, after all!

The first time I used the Night Recovery Cream, I used too much. You will know when you have because it will start to peel as you rub it on. That was actually a good thing, though, because I learned just how long the bottles of lotion will last... a very long time, actually! 

Puristics Totally Ageless Revitalizing Eye Cream, .5 fl ozThe lotion was not greasy or gross feeling and actually immediately absorbed into my skin, leaving it feeling soft and natural. Just follow the instructions and, within a week's time, you will definitely notice healthier skin. Even after the first time, I could tell a difference in my skin, honestly. It looked shinier, moisturized, and revived. In return, I felt exuberant! 31! Ha! I feel like I'm still 25 so, why not look like it, too? 

Ready to give Puristics a try? All Puristics products are available online at Drugstore.com at prices starting at only $3.99! Wow!
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This post was written for Scerene Healthcare. I received products to review and no other compensation. All opinions provided are completely and 100% mine and only mine.


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