Holiday Gift Guide: Pop Goes Froggio Game Review

Pop Goes Froggio

When I was a child, one of things I looked forward to the most was playing games and board games with my family and friends. I loved CandyLand, Chutes & Ladders, and Ants In the Pants! Now that Josiah is 3, he loves playing games, too.
Pop Goes Froggio
Hasbro has such a wonderful selection of games for toddlers on up. One of Josiah's very favorites is Elefun, which he received for Christmas last year and has played it non-stop. This year's big seller is Pop Goes Froggio by Hasbro!

Product Description (from Hasbro website)

Meet FROGGIO: Although he gets himself into sticky situations, FROGGIO always bounces back with a laugh. He's a witty sidekick who helps his friends on every adventure.
Leaping over lily pads isn't just for frogs! Get on your feet and run around to flip over these "lily pads" and find friendly character faces. When you make a match, rush over to press the launcher and send your FROGGIO figure flying. Can you catch this smiley guy or will the frog fall flat? Get matching and get catching!
The game includes:
A Butterfly Spinner Unit w/ Tube
Foam Froggio
Lily pad Launcher
12 Lily Pads
For 2 to 4 players.
Ages 3 and up.
My Thoughts

As soon as I read about this game I knew this would be a huge hit with Josiah. Pop Goes Froggio even features Elefun from his favorite game. I've been searching for indoor toys and games that are fun and keep the kids active during these winter months and Froggio is perfect! From the moment the game started we were on our feet and jumping around the room laughing.

Pop Goes Froggio is a matching game and also teaches coordination by having you try to catch the frog as he jumps off the lily pad! It's a little hard to catch Froggio, but I noticed it got easier the more we played. This is Josiah's first matching game and he absolutely loved finding the matching animal faces. It's amazing how quickly toddlers pick up new game concepts!

Liam is 14 months now and wanted to participate so badly, but he's just too young. He loved chasing after Froggio as he jumps in the air, though. He thinks that is the funniest thing ever. It's hilarious to watch. He sat on the sidelines to clap and cheer for Josiah as we played.

This is definitely an awesome gift for a small child this holiday season! All toddlers will go crazy for Froggio.

Buy It
Pop Goes Froggio is on sale for only $7.99 on Amazon.com! That's half-price so, pick it up today! I'm not sure when the sale ends so, you don't want to miss it. 

This review was written for Hasbro. Only the game was received for the purpose of writing the review. No other compensation was received. All opinions written are complete and 100% mine.


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Cool price! I'm thinking of getting one for my kids!

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GREAT price! My daughter would love it.

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