CSN Stores Review - Nostalgia Electric Cotton Candy Maker

For this Christmas, one of the only things I wanted was a cotton candy maker. I love cotton candy and couldn't imagine being able to eat it at any time! Yummy!

CSN Stores contacted me with a $45 review opportunity and I found the perfect little cotton candy maker, The Nostalgia Electric Cotton Candy Maker, for only $40.85! The cotton candy maker comes with a pack of mix to give it a try and two reuseable cotton candy cones, too.

The first time I gave the Nostalgia Electric Cotton Candy Maker, I made such a mess, but, after a few tries, I finally started figuring it out! First of all, let the maker heat up for at leat 5 minutes. Then, the key is to turn it off to add in the sugar mix... otherwise you will fling sugar all over the room. This is what I did the first time. Doh! Once the sugar mix starts heating up, your cotton candy starts appearing around the top of the machine. All you do is twirl it around the cone!

The pros to this machine are:
1. easy to use
2. yummy cotton candy
3. small and easy to store

The cons are:
1. The top gets hot so, keep small children away!
2. It takes a while to make enough cotton candy to fill the entire cone like you get at a fair. You must fill it about 2-3 times.
3. The texture of the cotton candy isn't quite the same as the usual cotton candy.

Overall, I think the price is great and, as long as you supervise, the kids will love it, too! Who doesn't like cotton candy? So, go to CSN Stores today and purchase your own Nostalgia Cotton Candy Maker! You can also purchase refills of the sugar mix!


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