Holiday Gift Guide: Imagiplay Wooden Toys Review

ImagiPLAY is know for their quality educational products. Made from wood and other products that are earth-friendly. Imagiplay makes a variety of toys, games, and puzzles for all ages, which educate and encourage imaginative play. Their goal is to make quality products that not only benefit the earth, but the people that inhabit it.
ImagiPLAY Push Along Duck

My Thoughts

I love wooden toys and wish all of our toys were wooden. They are not only more durable, but seem to always encourage the imagination to soar. One of Josiah's favorite toys is his wooden hauler from My Father's Hands. He plays with it every day, making noises and pretends he is going on a trip. The possibilities are endless.
ImagiPLAY 40116 Bead Maze Flower

We have a few ImagiPLAY toys already and absolutely love them. For this review we received the BeadMaze Flower. Recommended for ages 2+, this bead toy is small enough to fit in a carseat or stroller for on-the-go fun! I actually gave this toy to Liam, my 15 month, and he was delighted. Although not quite 2, he was able to hold the beads and attempt guiding them along the path and through the flower. He would laugh everytime the bead fell back down and would try again.

The website says theBeadmaze Flower helps children develop "visual tracking skills, eye-hand coordination, color & shape recognition". Liam isn't old enough for color recognation just yet and has a slight learning delay, but I immediately sae the first few skills developing before my eyes. It's a fun toy for children and the bright toys are like a moth to a flame. He just couldn't take his eyes off of it.

I love ImagiPLAY toys and so do the plays! Josiah's favorite ImagiPLAY toys are the puzzles. They are perfect for toddlers learning the alphabet, colors, and how to count. Plus, they are just visually stunning. So, are you ready to try out an ImagiPLAY toy for your little one?

Buy It
Choose from a wide variety of adorable ImagiPLAY BeadMazes on Amazon.com! You can also the ImagiPLAY Number Snail, ImagiPLAY Elephant Puzzle, and other Imagiplay Puzzles starting at only $10.00!

This review was written for ImagiPLAY. No compensation was received other than the item sent to review. All opinions written are completely and 100% mine and only mine.


MaryB said...

I still treasure all of my daughter's wooden toys and puzzles. ImagiPLAY makes beautiful toys!

Children Teaching Mama said...

they sure do! i am going to do a giveaway from another store later this week of imagiplay toys! :)

Alexis said...

Thank you for this review! I am going to be checking out their puzzles because my daughter is really into puzzles right now and would love to buy her some good quality ones that will last for multiple kids (its just her right now but eventually i'll have one or two more kids later on down the road).

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