Holiday Gift Guide: Leapfrog Click N' Create Camera Review

I'm a huge Leapfrog toy fan because they are all educational and fun for babies and children. The first Leapfrog toy I bought was the alphabet caterpillar for my nephew 8 years ago and it's still going strong. My son still loves that toy! In addition to many wonderful toys, Leapfrog also makes digital cameras for children.
The Leapfrog Click N' Create Camera made by Sakar is the perfect starter-camera for preschool-aged (4+) children. The camera features a 1.5 inch screen, a built-in flash, and an easy grip for little hands. A software program also comes with the camera so children, with the help of parents, can upload photos and edit them. This multi-educational camera is a wonderful way to allow children to find new hobbies and sharpen their skills of aiming, focus, using the computer and much more. The possibilities are really endless.

My Thoughts

I was so excited to receive the Leapfrog Click N' Create Digital Camera for my son, Josiah.  I bought him a Memorex Diego camera last year and was completely disappointed in it's inability to take a decent picture. They all came out fuzzy and dark, even when I took them. Just by holding the Leapfrog camera, I could tell it was much lighter and the material definitely makes it very easy to grip. I wish my camera was made out of that!

Josiah loves the camera and wants to take it everywhere just in case there is a photo opportunity. It's wonderful to see him so interested in something that could one day become a career. He's become very good at pointing and clicking while holding still, which he couldn't do before he received the Leapfrog Click N' Create. He always tried to get to my digital camera and, in fact, has ruined two of mine so far so, this has finally taken the focus off of my camera! Phew!

Another plus is that the camera talks! It says "Bye Bye" when you turn it off and says "Great Shot!" after taking a picture. That's a great feature because it actually encourages him to turn it off just to hear it say "Bye Bye". He always forgets to turn off toys so, that is a major plus!

The only negative is the camera quality is only 2.1MP, which isn't horrible, but can still come out a bit blurry and dark sometimes. All in all, the quality is much better compared to the Memorex camera we used to have. At least you can see people and identify them in pictures! Some of the pictures have come out great, too, but the room really needs to be properly lighted.

This is a wonderful camera for preschoolers, especially those who show an interest in take photos. Take back control of your $300 camera and get your child a Leapfrog Click N' Create Digital Camera from Toys R Us for only $49.99.

This review was written for Sakar. I received a camera to review and no other compensation was provided. All opinions are 100% mine and only mine.


MaryB said...

My daughter would love this! I hope you are able to do a giveaway, too! :)

A (Daily) Woman said...

I love Leapfrog. We are a Leapfrog Family. We have probably 6 or 7 different Leapfrog things.

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