Weight Watchers by Conair Digital Scale Review & Giveaway

During my pregnancy with Josiah, I gained a ridiculous amount of weight. Pre-pregnancy I weighed about 110 pounds and, by the end, I was about 180 pounds. After giving birth I was still right around 150 and let me just say that getting those pounds off was no joke! It took me two years to shed those pounds and then, of course, I got pregnant with Liam shortly after fitting into my skinny jeans again. When on a diet, it's so important to have a scale to keep up with progress and we have the perfect scale: Weight Watchers by Conair Digital Scale!
This awesome scale not only helps keep track of your weight, but you can customize it with removable message decals to fit your personality. The scale comes with over 15 reusable decals with everything from inspirational messages to butterflies and hearts. We couldn't wait to get this scale out of the box and put it to good use, especially because my husband is currently on a diet! Plus, we can also keep up with Liam's weight since he loses some due to his chemo treatments.
The scale is a pretty frosted white glass and looks nice alone, but I have to admit I love the decals! Josiah helped me decide on butterflies. Then, I put the "Live. Laugh. Love." Decal at the top so I could see it every time I look at my weight. I love that the decals are so easy to remove, so I can change them up often. The boys also enjoy putting different ones on.
I recently got down to 115 pounds and was so excited. However, the holidays definitely took their toll on my weight. I cannot resist all the delicious foods and desserts this time of year. I should have checked out the Weight Watchers Winter Holiday Eating Guide. That's okay because now I have a way to not only inspire me to lose weight, but to also help me keep up with my current weight. There is actually another blank decal included, which allows my husband to write his weight each week. That way he can compare his current weight to his past weight and see how far he has progressed. In only two weeks he has lost 5 pounds, so he is doing very well so far!
Liam loves our new scale, too!
The Weight Watchers by Conair Digital Scale is available nationwide at stores such as Kmart and Kohls, as well as at the Conair Online Store  for an average retail price of only $37.99! 

Ready For A Giveaway?
One Lucky Reader Will Win Their Own Weight Watchers by Conair Digital Scale!
This giveaway is open to US Residents 18+ years of age and ends on Tuesday, February 19th at 11:59pm. Good Luck!


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I love the foot spa!

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