Staying Warm On A Budget

Now that Christmas is out of the way, what come next are the terrible winter months of the New Year. Everyone knows money is tight right now and with the winter temperatures set to drop again we could be facing some expensive heating bills at a time when we could do to save. Despite the freezing temperatures there are some great ways to help stay warm on a budget.  

Using timers and thermostats
One of the major causes of expensive energy waste is not utilizing the timers and thermostats that are built into many heating devices. Both of these features are very useful for effectively regulating your heating and energy usage.  

Timers are a great and effective tool to make sure that your home is only heated when you need it to be. There is no point in having the heating on in the middle of the night when everyone is curled up in a warm bed anyway. Timers are also great as they allow you to warm the house for half an hour before everyone wakes up without having to have it on all night. Timers can also make sure that you don’t forget to turn off the heating and waste further waste money.

Thermostats are another underused tool. One thing many households are guilty of is turning their homes into a tropical paradise of heat. This is not only a waste of money but not needed as a comfortable temperature is usually preferable especially if you plan to out and have to deal with the massive temperature change.

Room usage

Another major energy waste is trying to heat the whole house at the same time when only a couple of rooms are in use. Many heating systems have room options to only heat certain rooms, if your heating doesn’t have this feature you can always go around and manually turn off the ones you aren’t using. This can clearly save you a lot of money and potentially half the amount of heat you are using.

One of the biggest contributors to room usage problems is the family been split up around the house doing their own thing. This is a common trend in the modern family and one which can be extremely costly once it all adds up. Why not use winter as an excuse to have extra family time. Board games or popular family activity video games such as the Wii are great excuses to get the whole family together and allows you to just heat one room, also as a bonus it can bring you all closer together.

Insulate the house
Finally the largest cause of heat waste and therefore money waste for a home can be caused through not properly insulating your home. Properly insulation your home can seem like an extra cost that you don’t need, but it is worth doing as every year the savings will soon add up. Some of the most common types of quick home insulation are as follows:

Making sure thick curtains are closed can help keep your heat in and the cold of the window out. This also helps to stop condensation from reducing the temperature of your room as it creates a cold pocket of air in between the window and curtain.

You also need to make sure that doors don’t have gaps underneath and invest in a draft excluder if they seem to be letting in too much cold air. As a side note to door make sure to quickly close them behind you when moving from room to room to help keep your warm rooms warm.

Finally some more long term solutions for insulating your home include double glazed windows, roof insulation and carpets instead of a wooden floor. These might cost more upfront but can help save you a small fortune over the years as your heating bills fall.

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