The Many Uses of Window Blinds

When we moved into our new home, there was one thing I automatically noticed was missing. There were no blinds on the windows! This definitely made the home look empty, like something was missing. Plus, as a parent, blinds are very important, especially when you have a baby. When we brought Liam home as a preemie, he slept a good deal of the day and, unless it was dark in his room, he would fuss and cry. The uses of window blinds are endless and I had a mission to find quality blinds for our entire home.

Recently, my parents decided to purchase wooden blinds for their home and, when I came to visit, I could not believe how beautiful they looked. I learned from my parents that upgrading blinds can do much more than just shade rooms. In fact, they can help you save money and conserve energy. I love Venetian wooden blinds because they are not only pretty and modern, but they offer insulation. This helps shield rooms from sunlight, keeping electricity costs down. It can also keep out cold air during the winter, so you use less heat. If you are eco-conscious like we are, this also helps you conserve energy. 

Another great thing about choosing blinds is that they can completely change the look of a room or home. My parents' bedroom actually looked bigger and more balanced. In addition, they were able to color coordinate the blinds with the rest of the room, so everything matched and looked gorgeous. For our own home, we chose white treated wooden blinds, though we purchased special blackout blinds for Liam's room to create a darker atmosphere so he could sleep more easily. 

Who knew there were so many uses of window blinds? We love our new blinds and couldn't be happier! What kind of blinds do you have in your home?


QueenB said...

I hate not having blinds on my windows- SOMETHING needs to be there! I like the cellular blinds. Those are my favorite :)

Danielle Harper said...

In some of our rooms we have Roman?? blinds.... i think that's what their called. In our room I bought those cheap roll up blinds and then fabric and covered them - they look amazing. A fun Pinterest idea, hehe.

Jacob Anderson said...

I really need some new blinds


Janet W. said...

We could use new blinds. The wand is broken that opens and closes them.

Denise Taylor-Dennis said...

We have plastic blinds throughout our house, it would be nice to upgrade them.

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