Our Trusty Huggies Diapers Stay Put & Keep Baby Dry

Each year it seems like we travel more and plan for more activities during the holidays! This year was definitely very busy and we were on the road more than ever before. We have experimented with all types of diapers over the years and there is one brand that we've constantly come back to, especially when traveling. We do love our cloth diapers, but Huggies Diapers are our favorite disposables and we use them often during the holiday season because they always stand the test of time. How? They fit in a way that is comfortable for Liam and they are absorbent. I can honestly say we've rarely (in 5 years of diapering) had a leak using Huggies, which is why they are always my first pick.
Before becoming a parent, I'd heard how active toddlers are, but I honestly had no idea what I was in for once my babies started walking. Oh boy! No regular diaper would do for Liam and this is why I love Huggies Little Movers with the SnugFit Waistband because it helps keep diapers in place and can withstand my very active boy.
My little model!
Okay, there is yet another reason I love this diaper and I'm a blushing as I write. Liam has decided he no longer likes wearing clothes. Yes, he has become a nudist over the past few months, enjoying stripping off his clothes and running into a room full of people. Everyone in the room begins shrieking in laughter (giving him further encouragement), though mine is usually in horror and embarrassment.
All smiles with his Huggies Little Movers
Until using Huggies Little Movers, I was this close to super gluing on his diapers to keep them on his body! Thankfully, my prayers were answered because unlike other diapers that he can easily slip off of his waist, Huggies Little Movers are more form-fitting and don't slide off as easily until Mama changes a diaper. His little activity has come to a halt... partially. Now if I can just figure out how to keep the rest of his clothes on!
Liam loves Pooh and Tigger!
Another diaper we've come to love over the years is the Huggies Overnites. We first discovered these when Josiah was about 6 months old. Every single night he peed through his diaper. We tried everything from disposables to wool cloth diapers. Nothing worked until we tried Huggies Overnites.
You cannot imagine how excited I was to wake up to find Josiah's clothes and crib nice and dry! From that point on, we've kept a stock of Huggies Overnites. They are also great for traveling during holidays and other family trips when we are on the road for long periods of time. The unique LeakLock feature offered by these diapers allow up to 12 hours of protection. The wetness is wicked away from the skin, which is great even for babies with sensitive skin like Liam.

You should definitely give these diapers a try. Liam is a huge fan and recommends them for other on-the-go, growing babies! Be sure to keep up with all the latest Huggies info via Facebook and Twitter! They often have some awesome promos, contests and coupons available. You can also share your own Huggies stories on the Huggies Facebook Page!

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QueenB said...

I'm LOL at the nudist thing. My husband asked me many times why I bought the kids clothing, because by lunch, no one ever had pants on in my house. Many times when he gets home from work the kids are in just underwear. Crazy.

We're big Huggies fans too!

Unknown said...

I used Huggies with my boys but have used almost all Cloth diapers on baby girl. But when we do use disposable diapers we choose huggies as well...

Dave, Amy and Jace said...

I've always loved the way Huggies fit. I worked at a daycare with toddlers for years and they were always my favorite, even then!

Dianna said...

With Pierce and Dominick I learned the hard way-- ONLY HUGGIES---when they were real little we used cloth but as they got older it had to be HUGGIES. Its a great product.Thanks for the review

Laura Grace Andry said...

I love the top pick with the hands on hips. So cute!

I have always been a pampers girl. But when it comes to potty training we are huggies all the way.

Kay Maher said...

I had the same problem with my second child (also my second son LOL) He'd strip in a heartbeat if I didn't keep an eye on him! And if he only had a diaper on? He'd lose it quick!

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