Celebrate Potty Training With Pull-Ups First Flush Program & Photo Contest

Before having children, I always told my mom that my kids would be potty trained before their third birthday. Of course, I was destined to give birth to two boys who held on to their diapers as long as possible. I'm actually in the process of potty training Liam and will never forget the first time he used the potty! I think I was just as excited as he was, if not more. It was an important milestone for both of my boys and I have pictures of both to mark the special moment.
My big boy's first time using the potty!!!
Pull-Ups knows just how exciting and important the "first flush" is for parents and children alike. That's why they are celebrating with their new First Flush program. Potty training can be long, frustrating and tough for parents and kids, but Pull-Ups wants to help ease our pain and make potty training less stressful and more fun! How? Well, I'm glad you asked because they have created a variety of ways to encourage the potty training process, including:

The Pull-Ups Big Kid App
The awesome Pull-Ups Big Kid App includes a timer for parents to help remind kids to use the potty! This is so helpful and something I always forget to do. There are also articles, tips and suggestions about training along with videos and more. In addition, there is a reward system to encourage children. They receive a start for each time they attempt using the potty and, once they receive a certain amount of stars, they can play games via tablet or mobile phone. Kids can also get calls from their favorite Disney characters. Imagine how excited your little one would be to receive a phone call from Mickey Mouse? My son, Liam, loves Disney characters and this would definitely help excited him about using the toilet more often.

First Flush Moments Photo Contest
As I mentioned earlier, I have pictures of both my boys during their potty training. I know many other parents who have, too. Pull-Ups is calling for parents to share their toddler's potty training success, or First Flush Moments, for a chance to win some amazing prizes! There is a chance to have their photo featured on a billboard in Times Square during a larger-than-life First Flush celebration on January 29th. Plus, one lucky family will win the Ultimate Prize-- an All-Expenses-Paid Trip To Disney World! 
How To Enter Your Photo
Just visit the Pull-Ups Facebook Page and share your child's photo from now until January 29th for your chance to win the trip to Disney! Be sure to submit the photo today, January 22nd, for the chance to be featured on the billboard in Times Square! 

The first time Josiah used the potty, we celebrated with finger paints. Here's a picture of him covered in paint, standing happily on top of his potty! He had finally conquered the potty and was so proud! 

Do you have a cute picture of your little one? If you don't, snap one and submit this week before time is up! You may just win the ultimate potty training trip to Disney World! My kids would love to go to Disney World... what kid wouldn't? I love it, too, so it really is a celebration prize for the entire family. 

Good Luck with potty training and don't forget to download the Big Kid App from the link above! 

Disclosure: This post was written for Huggies Pull-Ups.  I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.


Unknown said...

I loved Pull Ups when I was potty training the boys and really need to get some for baby girl b/c she is very interested in the potty...thanks for all the great info


Danielle Harper said...

I also have little ones that are late potty learners... my first was a month shy of her 4th birthday and my almost three year old doesn't show much interest either. I figure they won't go to college in diapers so no big deal. Definitely gonna submit a picture into the contest though - would love to win a trip to Disney!

Mimi B said...

It's so fun when kids are excited about their success with using the potty. I just let my kids do it naturally and always used pull-ups! I had to when they were toddlers because they were a great transition!

Courtney @ Joy Of Momma Joyner said...

How cute your boys are! :) Big Sis is *mostly* potty trained now! She has the occasional accident. But she's done so well! :) She's almost 2.5-years-old. I expect Little Man to take a little longer. I like that the app has a timer to help remind me to remind her. Sometimes I forget to remind her and those are generally the times she has accidents. She's getting so close to tell us she needs to go every time. But when she's "busy" playing, she doesn't want to stop. I wish I had taken a picture of her first time. She was SO EXCITED! I was too! So I forgot to take her picture! Oops! :)

Laura Grace Andry said...

Potty training can seem so daunting. Eventually it will happen and the first step is getting them on the potty. That first flush is HUGE!

The Freebie Junkie said...

So cute and great job capturing that moment. Its such a relief to move out of diapers.

Danielle @ We Have It All said...

Love the photos! Gracie is still having accidents during the night time about once or twice a week so we are still doing diapers or pull-ups here and there. And thanks for the info... going to go find a photo now to send in!

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