Tips for Taking Toddlers and Preschoolers to Disney

Little girls between the ages of 3 to 6 can probably tell you their favorite Disney princess.  Chances are your children have dressed up as a Disney character for Halloween.  Certainly they have watched their fair share of Disney movies.

Disney permeates our lives, and many people take their children to Disney Florida, which can be an exciting trip for young children.  They can ride rides, watch shows and meet their favorite characters in person.  Unfortunately, such an exciting trip can also be an overwhelming trip for many young children.
If you are traveling with toddlers or preschoolers, try these strategies so the entire family can have an enjoyable trip.

Plan Breaks
Young children can get overwhelmed and cranky.  If your children are early risers, try to hit the park early and beat the crowds.  Then, in early afternoon when the park gets busy, head back to the hotel and let the kids have lunch, unwind and play or take a nap.  Take a little time to play in the hotel pool.  Yes, you are on vacation to see the parks, but staying at the park ALL day can lead to tired, cranky, crying kids.

Bring Refreshments
Bring in some drinks and snacks for your little ones.  They get hungry frequently.  Keep them well hydrated and let them have some snacks, and you will have a more pleasant day at the park.

Dress in Layers
Dress the kids in light layers.  Depending on the season when you visit Orlando, the morning may start out chilly, but the afternoon may really heat up.  If the kids are dressed in layers, you can easily adjust their comfort level based on the weather.

Buy Tickets in Advance
There are many places you can buy Orlando ticket deals, which is a good idea because you will save money.  It is also a good idea because you can buy these tickets online, saving you time standing in line to buy tickets at the park.  The faster you can get into the park, the faster you and the kids can have fun.
The best way to have fun at Disney and other parks when traveling with young children is to take breaks frequently and to consider their physical needs.  Keep them warm (or cool, depending on the weather), as well as hydrated and full, and you will all have a good trip full of memories for a lifetime.


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