Webkinz Friends iPad App Means Endless Fun For Kids

Around this time last year I won an iPad from a huge giveaway and was so excited to try it out. Little did I know, my kids would love it just as much as I do. Why? Because there are some great games for kids. We recently reviewed Webkinz stuffed animals and I was so excited to learn there is a new Webkinz app called Webkinz Friends! Since we are traveling a great deal during the holidays, I am so happy to have this app on my iPad because this will keep Josiah and Liam occupied and happy during the long car  rides.

I simply uploaded the app from the Apple App Store onto my iPad for free and it only took about 30 seconds until ready for the kids to play! The idea behind the game is to build your very own town from the ground up. They first picked a pet and named it.
Josiah has a Fox in Socks stuffed animal he has named baby, so he picked the Basset Hound and named it Baby, too. You can register your own Webkinz codes, but you can also play if you do not have one. Then, you begin to build up the town as your pet walks around. I've seen other games similar to this one, but none as straight-forward and kid-friendly as Webkinz Friends. Even though Josiah is learning to read, he caught on quickly and, when needed, he asked for my help. Even Liam was able to join in on the fun.

After picking a pet, you will begin to build your own town of Kinzville with the help of Mrs. Birdy and Dr. Quack! You use your on Kinzcash that you earn by completing quests over time. You can also purchase Kinzcash, but I have my iPad password protected, so I don't have to worry about the boys trying to do that without permission.
There are so many things to purchase from the KinzMart. Once we started building it was hard to stop! We built our pet's house, a bakery and a radio station. Josiah's favorite is the radio station, but Liam enjoyed decorating the inside of the pet's home! There are so many things to do on the app that I am sure we only touched the surface. This is one of those games you want to come back to each day to see what your new quests will be and what other things you can create.

Webkinz Friends is sure to please kids and I'm happy because it was free! It's great to find a fun app for the kids that doesn't involve violence of some sort. It's actually educational in a sense. They learn about helping and cooperation with friends, especially when completing the different tasks. We are hoping his cousin will join up so they can play together.

Since my kids love animals, this is the perfect app for them. Plus, I love that the game ensures they don't sit and play it all day long. You are given a certain amount of energy at one time and can build/play until the energy is gone. FYI, when building you will inevitably run out of supplies, but we gained more by cutting down trees! Just click on the trees. Josiah figured that out on his own. I was clueless, so we both learned new things from the game. I had to read some things to him and other things he just already knew from playing other games.Then, it must replenish over time without playing. Josiah has looked forward to his play time on Webkinz Friends and has asked to play for several days in a row. He gets so excited to build new things and complete his quests for rewards.

You should definitely give Webkinz Friends a try! I know the kids will enjoy this one and you will enjoy the quite time while on the road during the holidays. If you don't have an iPad, you can also play the Webkinz app on Facebook!

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  • Webkinz Friends is all about building the best Kinzville possible. What are you and your kids’ favorite items to go to KinzMart for? What are some ‘insider tips’ for building up your best Kinzville?
  • Interact with friends and visit their towns. How does your child interact with others to help reach their goals?
  • How has the Webkinz iPad App supported family co-play? How is it compared to Webkinz World? Is it easier for your child with the touchscreen technology?

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QueenB said...

Sounds like a ton of fun but I'm not sure how I feel about cutting down trees for more energy. I like that it won't suck them in for a long time though- my kids would just want to sit and stare!

Trista said...

that looks cute... I am sure my boys would enjoy playing it...

Shannon Ro said...

I know my nieces would love this, thanks for sharing

Spots8105 said...

This game sounds like it would be a lot of fun. Since I don't have an iPad, I would need to use Facebook to play. I especially like the fact that there is a time limit on the game. Thank you for sharing.

Dania said...

I will have to share this with my friend who has an ipad. Her kids will love this!

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