How to Choose Flowers that Match your Decor

Bringing life into a home is not a difficult task. Live flowers and plants can make a space warm, inviting and full of life throughout the year. The problem that many individuals face is matching the colors and styles of different flowers to the room or décor in a house. Although it might seem difficult, selecting flowers that match the décor of a home or room is easier than it might seem.

Consider the Colors
Choosing flower that match the décor of a room starts with finding the right colors. Looking around the room for inspiration is a simple way to create a bouquet that will suit the space. When looking around the space, note the dominant color and the colors that help highlight certain areas within the space.

Flowers can match the dominant color or the colors that add definition, texture and interest to the room. Avoid flower colors that clash with the base color within the space and opt for options that will improve on the décor. For example, if the main color in a room is red, the best colors for flowers include purples and blues, which create a balance of color. Red flowers would blend into the space and pink flowers might clash, depending on the specific shade of red and pink.

Look at Styles
Matching the décor is not only about the color combinations. Any color of flower can match a room, particularly if the dominant colors are earth tones or neutral shades. Matching the style can seem more challenging, but it is actually easy with a simple rule in mind.

Consider the specific style of the space. Styles might range from modern and contemporary to classic and elegant. The problem is that the best flowers for the space can vary slightly based on that style choice.

Modern styles look best with flowers that have clean and simple lines. For example, lilies are a clean and simple flower that looks amazing in the modern space. Classic and traditional styles look best with flowers that have petals. Roses in particular look amazing in an elegant and traditional space. Eclectic styles can match any flower to the space due to the variation of design throughout the room.

Keep the Bouquet Simple
A simple bouquet will always match décor styles because it can look amazing in a modern or traditional space. Simplicity can vary based on the selected flower or flowers, but it can include monochromatic color schemes or using the same flowers with small definition to create a simple beauty.

A simple bouquet is easy to incorporate into a space because it will limit the possibility of clashing colors and will create a feeling of life within the room. When the design is simplistic, it creates a feeling of serenity and warmth in a room.

Selecting flowers that match the decorations within a room is not difficult. By selecting colors that match or stand out from the base color, it is possible to make any flower work within a home. When purchasing your flowers, make sure to choose local flowers. Locally grown flowers last longer, and are not sprayed with chemicals like their imported counterparts. Interflora
 is an Australian company that grow their own flowers, and have a huge range of flowers and arrangements available.


Shannon Ro said...

I love the idea of incoperating flowers into my home decor. Thank you for sharing the great tips, I'll have to keep them in mind next time I am shopping for flowers before a gathering

Spots8105 said...

Thank you for those valuable tips on selecting flowers to match the decor of my home. Flowers can provide a sensation of warmth to any room, while some specific plants (I've been told) can even clean the air. I will keep your tips on hand for future reference when purchasing flowers.

Denise Taylor-Dennis said...

Thank you for the great tips. Fresh flowers can really spruce up a room.

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