Time To Talk With Your Spouse About Child Identity Theft & How We Can Protect Our Children

 In October, we wrote about the very important issue of child identity theft for the first time and how this growing problem is effecting children around the globe. It is more important than ever for parents to educate themselves and know how to protect children. Identity theft is no joke, as I have gone through it myself, when someone stole my pin number when buying gas. Child identity theft is even worse because, in this case, children are the victims and, for this reason, the id theft can go undetected for quite a long time.

Over the months I have read horror stories of parents finding out about their children's stolen social security numbers and the painstaking journey to getting their name cleared and credit back on track. Once the crime is detected, it can take months, even years to clear up everything. In fact, many of the children I read about are still dealing with the aftereffects. This is why my husband and I sat down to talk about theft of kids' identities and what we can do to help prevent it for our own children.

My husband is a lawyer, so whenever we talk about something I always have to be prepared to make my point and provide a strong argument. He always plays devil's advocate, so I wanted to cover all the bases before speaking with him about child identity theft. Here are some suggestions on how to prepare and help make the talk go smoothly:

1. Do your research.  The internet is at your disposal. Read up on child identity theft and know the facts.Here is how I felt the first time I read about child identity theft. I'm sure you will, too.

2. Print out information for your spouse.  Include key points, statistics and any data you think is relevant and important to the issue. For example, about 75% of undocumented workers are able to gain employment by using stolen social security numbers, many of which are children's.

3. Let your spouse know how important it is to purchase child identity theft protection. ® kID Sure is the most comprehensive protection, researching thousands of data sources to make sure no identity theft has taken place. In addition, it further safeguards children from the threat of identity theft in ways that we, as parents, cannot. 

4. List ways you, as parents, can help prevent child id theft. Combating identity theft can be done, but you have to educate yourself on how.
No parent should be helpless in this situation, so it is best for you and your spouse to know what you can do to help protect your children. Talk about ways you can educate your children about identity theft. Children should also know about identity theft, so take the time to research ways to help teach them ways to protect themselves.   Do you currently safeguard your children against child identity theft?

If not, now is the time to take action, educate yourself and do what you can to keep your children safe. In fact, you can claim a free Child Identity Theft Protection Kit to see how your child could be at risk at: http://ismykidatrisk.com We got our free kit already and suggest you do the same! Also, check out Identity Guard® kID Sure and consider enrolling for only $5 a month to receive protection against child identity theft.

This service and the book Bankrupt at Birth were provided to me for review at no charge. In addition I received monetary compensation. All opinions are my own.


Trista said...

wow it's so hard to believe that people can do this so easily it's scary...I should keep and eye on my kids stuff... thanks for the great info

SalemMomma said...

You always hear about people needing to secure their identity, but this doesn't get nearly as much airtime. It's so important to protect your whole family. thanks for this post!

Amy said...

i never thought about child identity theft - i knew about i.d. theft, but I always just related it to adults. thanks for the great article!

Danielle @ We Have It All said...

I never, ever thought about protecting the kids from identity theft! Never. Thanks for this info!

Crystal Irvin said...

Thanks for the great tips, my mom worked on both me and my brother with protecting ourselves starting at an early age

The Cooks said...

Hadn't really thought about this before!

Shannon Ro said...

Thanks for sharing this important message. I never really thought about how vulenerable my son is to identity theft. I will have to look into this more

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