Holiday Gift Guide: Kusmi Tea Russian Blends Mini Tins Review

The fascinating story of Kusmi Tea goes all the way back to 1867. From the very beginning, Kusmi tea houses were known for high quality, delicious teas; their prestige was such that even the great czars of Russia partook. The tea's popularity spread far beyond Russia to great cities like London and Paris. And now tea lovers in America are discovering for themselves just why Kusmi continues to be an international sensation.

We received this assortment of Russian black tea blends in lovely decorative mini-tins to try out. They include Prince Vladimir, Anastasia, Troika, St. Petersburg and Bouquet of Flowers. Don't you love the names?

These loose leaf blends can be quickly and easily brewed with an infuser, and in just about the same amount of time that a tea bag does.

I am a self-proclaimed tea connoisseur. Brewing my morning and afternoon cup is a beloved daily ritual. For the past few weeks, I've thoroughly enjoyed tasting (and smelling!) all the Russian tea blends. In a word, the Kusmi teas literally "transported" me with their unique and exotic flavors; I've never found anything like this on my local store shelves.

 In each one, bergamot plays a starring role. Bergamot is a flowering tree which produces a small citrus fruit whose distinctive aroma you will quickly recognize if you've ever enjoyed a cup of Earl Gray tea.

Of the 5 Russian blends I tried, my definite favorite was Anastasia. All five were completely delightful, fragrant and flavorful, but Anastasia stood out to me because of the delicate lemon, lime and orange notes that shine through without overpowering the senses. A close second for me was their famous St. Petersburg blend, which surprises the palette with a sweet finish, thanks to red berry and caramel flavors. The combination of flavors in St. Petersburg also makes it ideal for cold winter days and holiday gatherings. This special blend was actually created many years ago to celebrate the tercentenary of the city of St. Petersburg. I love thinking about the rich history behind these incredible teas while I'm sipping them!

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Besides making your taste buds incredibly happy, I think Kusmi Tea would make a distinctive and unforgettable gift for any tea lover in your life. You can shop online for the Russian blends I reviewed and also for their very popular wellness teas, traditional teas, gift assortments and decaffeinated blends.


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