Holiday Gift Guide: Bounce Bounce Tigger Toy Review

I grew up reading Winnie the Pooh stories and have always loved that little pudgy bear and all of his friends in the Hundred-Acre-Woods. We even decorated Josiah's nursery with everything Pooh! One of Josiah's favorite stuffed animals was his little Pooh bear when he was a baby and now Liam carries him around, too. I knew they would have a fit over the new Bounce Bounce Tigger toy from Just Play Toys and they most certainly did!

About Bounce Bounce Tigger
Kids will love dancing along with the Just Play Winnie the Pooh Bounce Bounce Tigger Plush Doll! Made of soft, cuddly plush, this lovable Disney’s Winnie the Pooh character shows off his awesome dance moves in sync with a classic hip-hop hit version of his signature theme song. Just squeeze his foot to start the fun and watch as he "wiggety, wiggety wiggles" on his springy, coiled tail!
  • Bounces to the left, to the right and back and forth
  • Made of soft, cuddly plush
  • Dances in sync to a classic hip-hop version of his theme song
  • Bounces on his springy, coiled tail
My Thoughts
In all honestly, we are giving this as a gift for my nephew who loves Tigger, so we have played with it through the box and have seen it in action at retailer. The kids were so excited to get this for their cousin, Ethan, who is always dancing to music. Little do the kids know, the tune Tigger is singing comes from when I was only a little older than they are now, so I find it amusing every time this toy starts singing and bouncing around.

There are many reasons this is a HOT holiday gift item! It's silly, fun and interactive. Kids can jump around and dance along with Tigger. Plus, he is still soft and plush, so hugs are also an option! Ethan is big on hugs, so I know this will be a toy he tots around for many months to come. I have a feeling that Liam, my son, will not be very happy to part with this item when it comes time. He's grown quite attached to the Bounce Bounce Tigger, so Santa may have already placed an order for his very own.

You can find Bounce Bounce Tigger at many retailers, including Walmart and Target. In addition, you can purchase on Amazon for $35.99.

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Dawn Justice said...

My kids would have loved this when they were babies. :)

Anonymous said...

I have an 18 month old granddaughter who would just love this. She hasn't yet been introduced to the Winnie-The-Pooh characters, but is getting close enough to start reading some of the easier books to her.

Becky Davis said...

this would be great for my neighbor's little girl. I'll have to check it out.

slehan said...

What a fun toy! My friend's grandson is always dancing around.

candigrl_cv said...

this is just too cute!!!! my grandboy would love that, he is so silly himself ;) thanks for sharing Dorothy Boucher @tisonlyme143

Stephanie said...

my daughter LOVES tigger. but she is almost 23, so I am guessing, not for her.

No, she is almost 24! Damn, I am getting old!

Shannon Ro said...

What a cute toy. I have a feeling my son would love it too since he loves stuff animals and interactive toys which this is both. Thanks for sharing!

Joanne said...

My grandson would love this! Thanks!!

Zephyr Hill said...

I think this is the cutest thing! My children love silly toys, something just for fun and laughs. Anne Sweden

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