Protect Your Android Phone From Madware With Norton Spot

I was so excited when I purchased my first smart phone and could finally get with the times! Before then, I'd been stuck with old-school flip-phones with no internet. Sad, I know. My kids were also excited because they knew all of the great games they could play since Grandma had one loaded with fun games. I have to admit, I was a bit naive when it came t downloading things to my phone and went a little crazy getting new things, including madware. If you know that word, chances are you have been effected by it. If not, you really need to beware because you honestly do NOT want this to attack your phone.

The first time I noticed madware on my phone was when I tried to send a picture of the kids to my mother-in-law. All of a sudden ads started popping up... everywhere. I had flashbacks to my dial-up modem computer back in the 90s when I got hit by a spambot. Yes, it was very much the same and I knew this was not good at all.

What exactly is madware?
It is aggressive mobile adware that attacks only Android phones, placing ads in your Android device's photo albums, calendars, push notifications and more. For those of us who depend on our phones daily, this is a huge issue, one worth of a heart attack!

Did you know there has been a huge increase in madware attacks? I've noticed they are included in many of the games we have, including Angry Birds. I can't stand those little ads and, as you probably know, little hands can't seemingly avoid them, clicking as soon as one pops up. They cannot resist.

How can you protect your phone?
Just like in the 90s when Norton saved the day, they've come to the rescue once again and now have an awesome app, Norton Spot, that is the solution to madware! It works to detect ads and scans advertising networks that can spam your device via other apps. Not only is Norton Spot FREE, but it can be downloaded via Google Play app store for Android devices.

Norton Spot keeps your phone and your privacy safe, something I believe we all need. So, if you have an Android phone like I do, download Norton Spot like we did. Since then, I haven't had any problems with madware and, since it was free, I really couldn't ask for anything more! You will love this app!

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Norton. I received a promotional item as a thank-you for participating.


Denise Taylor-Dennis said...

If I ever switch to an android phone I will have to keep this in mind.

Marana Alva said...

Great tips! I usually just download any apps into my phone and I'm not even sure if I have anti-virus installed. I need to check this out.Spy System

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