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I never really knew just how many products are recalled each year until they became more advertised on the news. I remember when spinach was recalled and certain canned items. Then, I found out Josiah's car seat was recalled when he was a baby. How scary that can be as a parent to know that something you own was recalled? Especially when you do not even noticed for months after the fact. Just to think something could have happened to my children gives me a heart attack.  It's best to keep on top of recalls not only for your own children, but for other friends and family members. What if the gift you gave your nephew for his birthday is recalled?

You can easily keep up with all the latest recalls with Recalls Plus, a new app that is totally FREE to download and is available on Facebook, through Google Play and on Apple Store, so you have many choices. I added to Recalls Plus Facebook App and now I get notifications when new recalls are posted. I feel so much better knowing that I will be alerted when things are recalled.  You can easily download this FREE app onto your smart phone, tablet and more. Here are all the ways you can get Recalls Plus:

Download Recalls Plus: Apple Store

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It's so important to keep up with the latest recalls for your safety and for your children. Download Recalls Plus to see what has most recently been recalled. Here are some items that were recently listed on Recalls Plus:

1. Dream on Me Ultra 2 in 1 Infant Tub, Toddler, Niagra, Baby Bath Seats
Hazard: The bath seats can tip over, posing a risk of drowning to babies.
2. Step2 X-Rider Car Children’s Riding Toys
Hazard: Children who lean too far forward on the seat can go over the handle bar and hit the ground. 3. Boden Children’s Pajamas
Hazard: The pajamas fail to meet federal flammability standards for children’s sleepwear, posing a risk of burn injuries to children.

**All products listed above where listed on Recalls Plus within the past two months. Product recalls were identified by the appropriate government agency. Please go the Recalls Plus App for more information about the above recalls

On your phone you can keep up with recalls by age and even save items to be alerted if they do become recalled. Don't have a smart phone or tablet? Just get Recalls Plus on Facebook. It's so simple, free and a great way to keep your entire family safe! With the click of a button to download the app I can help keep my family safe. Click the links above or the photos to get the app today!

Thanks to Recalls Plus for sponsoring this very important information. All thoughts & opinions are of my own and may differ from yours.


Denise Taylor-Dennis said...

Thanks I found out about this app as one of your giveaway entries, this will be very helpful for finding out about products that are recalled.

Tammy S said...

This sounds like a great app. I am always amazed at the amount of items that are recalled that you never hear about.

theresa.3mom said...

This sounds great. Tge only way i ever found about recalls was the news or the pin biard at the store. Now i wont have to worry about looking there.

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