Does Your Little One Only Sleep Upright? This Product is For You!

If your baby is anything like my 5 month old, (s)he will not sleep any other way than in an upright position. No bassinet, no co-sleeping, no crib will do; Liam will only sleep in his car seat, but at 5 months old, it's about time to move the boy to his own room with a sleeper that's more appropriate.

After searching endlessly for the right product I came across a review on one of my new favorite blogs! The Fisher Price Newborn Rock n' Play Sleeper is an upright sleeper that meets all the requirements of a bassinet, is portable, and light-weight! Oh, and did I mention it is only $50 on Amazon? With a 20% Rewards Members coupon at Babies R Us, we only paid $40 so, it was quite a bargain! It has a weight limit of 25 pounds, but will give us at least a few more months to figure out what to buy next. :)

What's the verdict? Liam is very happy with his new sleeper! In fact, Monday morning he woke up at 7am for a feeding, went back to sleep and didn't wake until almost 10am. Many times I go to check on him and he's just hanging out in his sleeper, happy as a clam! That never would have happened in his car seat! Liam highly recommends this product to any baby who likes to sleep upright or needs a nice portable rocker to play/nap in during the day. A+!!


Anonymous said...

My baby loves this sleeper she sleeps for about 6 hours at a time in it.

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