Rockin' Green Cloth Diaper Detergent

Before Liam was born, someone on Yahoo Answers recommended Rockin' Green Cloth Diaper Detergent. Something I didn't know about? My curiousity was immediately piqued so, I consulted my trusty detergent rating chart, but no Rockin'! Then, I found the Rockin' Green webpage through Google and several other rave reviews! Does anyone have anything negative to say about this detergent? Apparently not!

After Liam was born, had several tummy issues, and was eventually put on alimentum (giving him the smelliest watery poo ever) detergents continually failed to remove the awful smell. It was finally time to put Rockin' Green to the test!  I perused the webpage shop and couldn't believe the delicious scent selections! How could I choose? Well, with the affordable prices and wide variety of options, I choose a big 45/90 bag of Cherry Almond ($13.95), 2 sample sizes (of 7/14 loads) of Cherry Lemonade and Lavender Vanilla ($2.50/each), and 2 scent cards of Grape Soda and Mango Sorbet (.25/each) for less than $25 with shipping!! That's about $.11 a load!

I don't think I've ever been as excited to do laundry when I found my Rockin' Green in the mailbox! I quickly loaded some CDs into the wash for my preliminary cleaning, which called for 3 Tbsps, then another wash with just 1 Tbsp. Leaving the bag on top of the dryer, I could smell the delicious Cherry Almond wafting up the stairs into the living room. Yum! Impatiently I waited for the dryer to finish so I could take that first sniff. So many times I've sniffed the lingering scent of poo, an unwanted foe, but not this time! The diapers smelled faintly of the detergent, but mostly just smelled clean. Oh, how I love that clean smell, similar to how Charlie's Soap used to make them smell pre-alimentum poo and sensitive skin. :) It was wonderful!

Putting the CDs on Liam was the other test and, once again, Rockin' passed with flying colors! No break-outs or dry skin caused my the detergent! Woohoo! Plus, my other son, Josiah, absolutely loves the smell of all the scents and I have to keep it away from him or he hides the samples in his room. The little thief!

 In addition, I found a very useful purpose for the scent cards. Put them in your diaper drawer or blanket drawer and everything in there will smell amazing within a day. All of my extra prefolds and miscellaneous dipes smell like grape heaven. Sometimes I just open the drawer to catch a whiff. You bet I am trying Grape Soda next time and YES, of course, there will be a next time. I am hooked on the green! 
I highly recommend this detergent to anyone who uses cloth diapers. I really can't say enough about it- great price, great for sensitive skin, great for cloth diapers, and a new Hard Rock formula for hard water is coming out in the very near future! Be sure to give it a try and get hooked, too! Right now there is a special 15% discount for the online store using the code 'Itscoming' and, if that is no longer valid when you are ordering, use the code 'tryit' for 10% off your first order! After you give it a try, let me know what you think!


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